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As the technology and information develops in the world, the long 3d mink lashes come out. This doll-like 25mm long 3d mink lashes exemplifies elegance and playfulness. The strands are evenly distributed with various lengths, accentuating your natural lashes for a cute, flirty look. This style of long 3d mink eyelashes has adopted traditional workmanship as the 3d mink eyelashes but it can create a more glamorous picture perfect eyes. If you are looking for the excellent wing liner look, then the 25mm long 3d mink lashes may be the one right designed for you. Our skilled technicians ensure that every pair made preserves the original softness, durability and quality of the premium silk fiber. Also, custom eyelash packaging is available and you are free to create your own brand eyelashes. The glamorous lashes add an alluring look to your eyes that’s perfect for a night out or any special occasion and they are deserved in every girl's collection.

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