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6 Steps To Apply Strip False Eyelashes

Eyelashes create beautiful frames around your eyes. And it becomes more and more popular for daily use. Following below tips and enhancing your eyelashes in just a few minutes.

(1) Curl you natural eyelashes before wearing the false eyelashes in order to make the natural eyelashes fit enough with the false eyelashes

(2) The false eyelashes come on the lash tray, take it off from the lash tray gently and then bend the lash band into the shape of C and hold for a few seconds in order to make the false eyelashes follow the natural contour of your upper eye lid.

(3) All of eyelashes come in same size and it may not fit for the width of your eye, so you need to trim them to the fit width of the upper eye lid.

(4) Put the glue on the lash band properly then Wait for a few seconds before applying and this allows the glue to get tacky so your lashes will stick better.

(5) Put the lashes on the upper eyelid

(6) Tweak gently to make the false eyelashes fit the eyes and curl the false eyelashes and natural eyelashes together to make them look more natural.

enhancing your eyelashes in just a few minutes