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A few common mistakes when using false eyelashes

Many girls pay attention to their image because girls are pursuing perfection, so they will find many ways to make themselves more beautiful, and many girls have found them. The right makeup method for you. Nowadays, it is widely used to use cosmetics for makeup. the cosmetics market is very large. you can choose cosmetics that suit you and then make makeup. At present, many girls will choose the right cosmetics, because the choice of cosmetics is very important. Only by choosing the cosmetics that are suitable for you can better beautify your makeup. I believe that many girls can find cosmetics that are suitable for them. After all, the market for cosmetics is so large, but it is also the case when choosing cosmetics. You need to pay more attention because the current cosmetics have good and bad. If you choose bad cosmetics, you will not get better results for your own makeup, so you need to pay more attention when choosing. At present, many people don't understand. And the makeup steps are more complicated, but many girls will give themselves a better makeup because they are all familiar with the use of cosmetics. Eye makeup should be very important for girls. Then there are many ways to decorate eye makeup. For example, the use of false eyelashes can better decorate your own eyelashes. Do you know what mistakes girls make when using false eyelashes?

The main function of false eyelashes is to better use them to make up their eyelashes and make their eyelashes more perfect. Many girls will choose some false eyelashes that are suitable for them. Otherwise, they are not used. The false eyelashes that suit you are also very harmful to your own eyelashes, so it is very important to choose a false eyelash that suits you. There are many ways to choose from. No matter which method you use, Only by choosing the false eyelashes that are suitable for you can better decorate the eyelashes so that you can better show the charm of false eyelashes.

There are four common mistakes in using false eyelashes: Mistake 1: Use oily skin care products or wash your face within 24 hours after use (as long as you use water!). On the other hand, when you want to remove false eyelashes, you need to use makeup remover oil or olive oil to apply to the root of your eyelashes to easily remove it. Mistake two: After the glue dries. Going to dip. Most of the glue is white at the beginning, but it will become transparent after drying, so it is best not to worry about some white residue. Mistake No. 3: Worry about the glue drying out, so stick it out as soon as you squeeze it out. We also recommend that you apply eyelash glue to the root of the eyelashes and leave it for 5 seconds. Wait for the glue to dry before you touch the root of the eyelashes. Just in time, the glue will completely dry and firmly adhere to the root of the eyelashes. If the glue is very wet and you put it on the root of your eyelashes, the glue that has not yet taken effect will not play a reinforcing role, and the false eyelashes will fall off quickly when the tweezers loosen. Mistake 4: Before using false eyelashes, you don't clean your eyes thoroughly. If the oil comes out of the eyes, it will also affect the durability of the glue.

There are also a lot of considerations when using false eyelashes. Now when using false eyelashes, people will always feel that there are some falsehoods. How can they look more natural? At present, the key is to choose some false eyelashes that are suitable for your eyes, and it also needs to be modified in many ways. l Take false eyelashes to measure the length you need and then cut off the excess. 2. Used for softening, which makes it easier to mount. 3. Apply the eyelash glue evenly and aim at the position of your own eyelashes. The main principle is to be close to the eyelashes. Below the upper eyeliner, leave the corner of your eye a little. Press the center first, then follow the eyes Shape to fit snugly.

At present, when performing false eyelashes, it is necessary to pay attention to various aspects. Otherwise, the damage to your eyes is very great. As long as you pay attention to various aspects, you can go better. Perform your own eyelashes.