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After studying, many girls will regret not recommending false eyelashes

We all know that beauty is a girl's nature. Many girls prefer beauty and do some micro-plastic surgery, such as opening double eyelids. But in fact, after micro-finishing, it still looks very unnatural. Even after it looks good, it will appear clearly on the face after aging. There is another type of surgery that is not even microscopic. That is to go to the beauty salon to " false lashes." In fact, this is also very convenient, usually make-up is more convenient. It is also very convenient for a younger sister who does not wear eyelashes. However, there are still some problems, and today tells you why we don't recommend "false eyelashes."

false lashes
The first point of super glue will cause the growth of thin lines. In fact, we should know that this kind of false eyelashes does not mean that it grows out of the potion itself, so there are still many black-hearted enterprises. In order to reduce the cost, some strong glue will be used. So if we have to do this, we should choose a more formal place. This kind of super glue can easily strain your eyelids and produce a lot of wrinkles.
The second point is the possibility of destroying the hair follicle. When you grow false lashes, it is easy to cause the hair follicles to die, which is even more serious, so that the hair follicles will not grow new eyelashes. Although the eyelashes can satisfy the beauty of a period of time, such false eyelashes have to fall down. When the new eyelashes are not long, the false eyelashes will fall again, so it is still a little scary to think of.
The third point is that the real eyelashes are lost. In fact, I also saw that many people have false eyelashes and their real eyelashes have fallen. After planting “false eyelashes”, this false eyelashes will also drop over time, and we can put our real eyelashes together. This is really worth a try. Originally, I wanted to make my false lashes look slim and thick.
false lashes
In fact, we all pursue beauty, which is beyond reproach. But if it is because of these things, you will suffer some damage, it is a bit overwhelming. In fact, sometimes people need to realize that natural beauty is a real beauty. There are not many beautiful women in the world. Most of them are ordinary peopleso we can learn to make up or make you look more beautiful.