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Are there any precautions after eyelash extensions?

The current make-up is very fashionable, not only in thick eyelash extensions, but also in long eyelashes. To make the eyelashes fine, surgery is the fastest and most effective way, such as grafting eyelashes. Is grafting eyelashes really amazing? What problems do we need to pay attention to when we graft the eyelashes? This will be explained below.

1. After transplanting the eyelashes, you can't wipe your eyes with a towel. This is not only the effect on the grafting of the eyelashes, but also the eyelashes may be affected even if the eyelash extensions are not grafted. On the same day or within 8 hours, try not to let the eyelashes soak in water or hot air. The longer the time, the better.

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2. Wear clothes or sleep in winter to avoid pressing and rubbing the eyelashes.

3. The effect of grafting eyelashes is already very beautiful, but you can use mascara to draw lashes. It is best to use mascara skin care agent to care for eyelashes every morning or night, or use a small comb to comb the eyelashes.

4. Transplantation of eyelash extensions is generally maintained for 3 to 8 weeks, and each person maintains different time depending on the structure and personal protection of their skin or eyelash growth.

5. If you don't want your eyelashes to be damaged, the grafted eyelashes should not be too thick and too long and should be updated every two to four weeks.

6. People's eyelashes and hair will be metabolized, and it is normal for grafting eyelashes and human eyelashes to mature naturally.

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7. After the eyelashes are transplanted, the number and length of the eyelashes will change, making the eyes look more vivid. Newly grafted eyelashes are not recommended for oily eye makeup products. Gently remove the eye makeup and avoid using the refreshing eye makeup remover when grafting the eyelashes.