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Artificial Eyelashes

Nowadays, wearing artificial eyelashes has been a trend throughout the world. Only a pair of eyelashes can make your eyes bigger and more charming.

There are various of artificial eyelashes, and the common artificial eyelashes are synthetic lashes, human hair lashes, genuine horse fur lashes, silk lashes, siberian mink fur eyelashes and so on.

The question that which artificial eyelashes is better often asked by many females. Actually, every artificial eyelashes is good as long as they are processed formally and conform to its production requirement. The difference is that different kind of artificial eyelashes will create diverse effect to meet different people's need.

PBT synthetic fiber hair which are totally manmade material. Through special processing, this eyelashes are not easily to be deformed and have good resistance. It is suitable for modeling eyelashes by being customized to different length and volume.

siberian sable fur eyelashes

Animal hair eyelashes commonly include sable, squirrel hair, fox fur and so on. Its gloss and softness are better than other materials as it is natural body hair of animals. But the length, volume and thickness are more limited. In addition, there may be residual bacterial on the animal hair eyelashes, so the requirements of disinfection and sterilization process are strict.

Animal hair eyelashes

Human hair eyelashes are totally made of 100% raw virgin human hair, and the material needs to be sterilized before using. So the lashes are natural and safe enough for the eyes.

100% raw virgin human hair

Silk protein hair are extracted the most soft silk protein material. It is softer than real lashes with silky luster. Besides, it is pure natural products which have the advantages of reducing allergies and inhibiting bacterial growth.

real lashes

Different materials of eyelashes will create a different effect. It must be noted that the special attention of health inspection and disinfection should be paid to the materials.