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Be careful when using eyelash glue

At present, many girls want to dress beautifully, because they can be more confident in this way, so girls will choose some beauty makeup methods that suit them so that they become more refined and perfect. At present, many girls have their own beauty methods, but the beauty methods not only need to have their own characteristics but also need to be done normally. In this way, they can better modify the makeup. Girls will choose some suitable makeup methods for themselves so that they can better make up their own makeup. At present, cosmetics are commonly used by people. I believe that many girls need cosmetics every day, so the use of cosmetics makes girls more confident. some girls have said that they can't go out without makeup. when you use cosmetics, you need to pay more attention. At present, there are many types of cosmetics, and you need to pay more attention to them so that you can better modify the makeup. Speaking of cosmetics, I believe that many girls attach great importance to their eye makeup, so how can they make their eye makeup more refined and perfect, in fact, there are many ways, such as using False eyelashes, there are still a lot of beauty eyelashes technology, can be better to modify their own eyes. In another case, you need to use eyelash glue. The use of eyelashes glue is very important. Let me tell you about the precautions for using eyelash glue.

eyelash glue

False eyelashes are commonly used. If girls want to be more refined, then using false eyelashes can better make up their own makeup, but false eyelashes also need eyelash glue if they are used. Many people don’t pay too much attention to the use of eyelash glue. Now you need to take the precautions of using eyelashes glue seriously so that you can better modify the eyelashes. At present, whether it is sticky or not, Applying false eyelashes or grafting eyelashes requires the use of eyelash glue. Only by using better eyelash glue can you make your eyelashes more natural.

At present, the more popular method of grafting eyelashes is to graft false eyelashes one by one onto their true eyelashes, and then go off naturally as the eyelashes grow, avoiding pulling the eyelashes in many ways. The eyelids cause various pains. Grafting eyelashes can be maintained for about one month at present. Many beautiful women think that it can reduce the time to brush eyelashes and apply eye makeup.

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But now the technology of the eyelash artist is very critical. The eyelashes glue used by the eyelash artist must be made of medical-grade bio-gum. Only a qualified test certificate can be regarded as safe. The amount used is also a comparison. Important trick. At present, there are more and more types of eyelashes. The material extracted from natural silk is more common. Before grafting eyelashes, you need to ask more about eyelash products. There are also some experienced eyelashes.

In recent years, many young women are allergic to the use of eyelash glue but continue to graft the eyelashes, and the eyelids are red and swollen, which is almost impossible to open, so they have to go to the doctor. The eyelash artist will also suggest that you should avoid long-term grafting of eyelashes. Try to let your eyes rest for a period of time in 3 or 4 months. Now you need to choose a more regular beauty At the eyelash shop, go to graft eyelashes so that you can ensure that you can use more regular eyelash glue.

eyelash glue

In addition, you need to pay more attention to cleaning work. Some eyewear with false eyelashes are not suitable for cleaning with oily makeup removers, but you still need to use a facial cleanser or makeup remover. It is recommended to use baby shampoo or water to dilute the ratio of about 1:10, which can also be more effective for cleaning.

Cosmetologists also need to remind that people with blepharitis often have abnormal secretion of tears, and the secretions accumulate on the edge of the eyelid. Such patients are best to first cure blepharitis and then consider grafting eyelash. At present, the quality of grafting eyelashes is inseparable from the glue of eyelashes, so it is necessary to choose a better beauty eyelash shop so that the effect of grafting eyelashes can be better demonstrated.