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Can false eyelashes be reused?Reuse of hazards?

It can be reused, but it will vary depending on your own maintenance level and the number of repetitions of the false eyelashs material. In general, the harder the material, the less suitable it is for deformation. Reuse is the most common. Conversely, the higher the softness, the more suitable the deformation, and the less the re-use, because the texture maintenance of nylon plastic can reach 20 times or more. For proper maintenance such as cotton thread and human hair, it can be used about 5 times. Of course, the amount of reuse depends on your own maintenance. How to better protect false eyelashes so that they can be reused?

false eyelashes

Do not apply eye shadow and mascara on fake eyelashes. Apply eye shadow first, then wear false eyelashes to prevent eye shadow powder from entering the false eyelashes, making it dirty and not removable, affecting the next use. Do not brush mascara on false eyelashes or remove them, or false eyelashes will be abolished once. If true and false eyelashes can't be combined, you can use the electric eyelash curler to turn your true eyelashes so that the true eyelashes can blend.

2, the correct removal of false eyelashes, many people will directly remove the false eyelashes when taking false eyelashes, which is very bad. First, pull your eyes out and relax your eyes for a long time. Second, if the stickers are not very good, let the true and false eyelashes stick together, and the tears will tear off their true and false eyelashes. Third, the false eyelashes that are directly torn off are easily deformed, reducing the number of repeated uses, and the eyelashes are discarded once. The correct way to remove false eyelashes: use a cotton swab to take a proper amount of makeup remover, then gently wipe the root of the false eyelashes. The technique must be as gentle as possible. Do not use excessive force when removing makeup. After a while, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically. 3. The glue of the false eyelashes can be used to remove a little alcohol. Prevent excessive dry glue so that the number of repeated uses should not be stuck. 4. Stay the same so you can use it next time.

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The above is the danger of repeated use of false eyelashes for everyone.