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Child's lashes

Many of the children in our lives have long lashes after birth, and most of the eyelashes are inherited from their parents because today's children wear better at an early age. Therefore, when the child is young, he grows white, and the child's long eyelashes are still special, and the eyes are particularly large. So, is the child's eyelashes long?
There are many possible measures for how to treat trichiasis and trichiasis, including:
1. Eyelash removal: This is a simple and inexpensive method. If for some reason it is impossible to perform trichiasis surgery, this is an effective treatment.

2. Electrolytic hair follicles: This is a relatively simple method, but requires proper equipment. A two-year follow-up report indicated that the mild anastomosis rate was about 25.
3, frozen eyelashes: like electrolysis hair follicles, you need appropriate equipment and learn to use freezing technology to cause eyelid skin discoloration. The success rate is similar to electrolyzed hair follicles.
4, trichiasis surgery: lashes surgery to correct trichiasis is the "last chance" to prevent trachoma blindness, is the most urgent action. There are many different surgical methods to correct the trichiasis, but there is a surgery called double tibia rotation. The operation is simple and the correction success rate is high. According to the above information, surgery is the best way to treat trichiasis. Eyelash extraction can only be effective in the short term, and the success rate of electrolytic hair follicle extraction and cryopreservation is relatively low.