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Cut your lashes to your child and cause inflammation . Please refuse Some wrong parenting remedies

Now my parents are really considerate of the baby! For example, when you see that the eyelashes are not long enough, try to make the lashes longer and longer! But the worry is that these parents do not rely on scientific knowledge, but listen to rumors. For example, they heard the idea that the eyelashes are getting longer. So cut the baby's eyelashes, I hope the baby grows like a Barbie doll with beautiful eyelashes.
But some parents force their children to cut their eyelashes, causing such consequences. The eyes of the baby after being cut off the eyelashes are inflamed for a week, really hurting the doll! The length of the eyelashes is related to the genes that allow the child to develop naturally. In fact, this will not only make the eyelashes long erbut also hurt the baby's eye skin. The baby's eyelashes are the "barrier" of the eye. After cutting, dust, bacteria, etc. are more likely to enter the eye, causing eye diseases, which is not worth the loss.

Parents accidentally did this: because I believe the older generation said, "If you cut your eyelashes, you will grow longer," which will make your eyelashes moister. According to some mothers, they really think they are getting longer, but if they don’t cut them, it’s impossible to know what will happen. Just want to cut the baby's eyelashes mother to think twice, because cutting will hurt the baby's eyes! Overthrowing the older generation: Ophthalmologists say that the length, thickness and beauty of the eyelashes are mainly related to genetic factors and nutritional status. Cutting off the lashes and allowing him to grow his eyelashes again does not change his natural destiny. In fact, each eyelash has its life span. According to each person's own metabolism, the eyelashes will change and grow at any time. Generally speaking, the child changes once a month, the teenager changes every two months, and the adult every time. Changed once every three months.
The correct way to do this is: If your child has symptoms of trichiasis, the mother's clothing can't cut the eyelashes by itself. The symptoms of trichiasis are only temporary and will naturally disappear. If it really affects the child's eyes, you should go to the hospital for treatment.