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Do grafted eyelashes really affect your real lashes?

According to the current living standards improve, the girls also in the pursuit of perfection, and I believe that many girls are more beauty, beauty is girls only human, I believe every girl is there is a beauty of the heart, so now they will always pursue the good they want, according to the present, many girls are with their own ideas that can allow himself to become even more beautiful. Of course, now the girls have their own beautiful way, there are a lot of girls can all be found on one of their own way of beauty, and now they are the majority will go to choose cosmetics to decorate their own, this is to be achieved better effect, but also need to choose according to their skin in the current girls choose cosmetics time. Currently in the choice of cosmetics when you can choose better cosmetics, such as some well-known brands of cosmetics, so I think for your beauty effect it is to be achieved better. But now the girls in the choice of cosmetics, time, or according to their hobbies, because only their own satisfaction can only be better to achieve the effect you want, use in addition to cosmetics in the current. I think people all want a better eye, want their lashes longer more curling, which is a lot of girls dream of. Usually, they are going to choose false eyelashes to modify their own eyes, and now false eyelashes being used are relatively common. With the exception of adhesive false eyelashes, there are that you can choose some eyelashes technology, grafting eyelashes is a kind of eyelashes technology, and now many people are there is a question like eyelash extensions really affect itself eyelashes do?

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Now often I heard some of the girls said that after grafting eyelash own eyelashes also will own falling! Hurt eyelashes! So now eyelash extensions really make their eyelashes produce off it? Regardless of whether the eyelashes. Their eyelashes also are carried out now with the human metabolism growth, now accompanied by the shedding phenomenon (daily metabolic falling 1-3 root), even in peacetime face or in your blinking and rubbing eyes they are to make their own eyelashes off! Lashes now every month is already experiencing growth to cycle off to a newer, so after your eyelashes, metabolism, when grafted eyelashes will be with their eyelashes are falling, but it's falling and It will not affect itself was eyelashes. After grafting eyelashes, their conservation of grafted eyelashes durability is also very important, then how to pay attention to the conservation of eyelashes?

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In the current you are going to avoid contact with water: within six hours after the eyelashes of not touch the water, do not go steaming the face and sauna as well as yoga or easy sweating and other sports 24 hours, avoid contact with hot air the eyelash smoked down; additional eyelash special glue if prolonged contact with the water, then the adhesive portion can come off easily, thus after cleansing required to maintain the eyelashes drying, good care eyelashes; do not pull the eyelashes; if eyelashes was criss-crossing, very messy, do not pull the eyelashes, otherwise it would be grafted eyelashes being pulled down, but also make their own eyelashes pulled ripped, easy to damage to the eye follicles (Note: one direction along the face when washing the eye, to avoid rub eyelashes, unavailable synthetic, wool fabric wipe eyelashes, in order to avoid shedding)

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In the current is more recommended to use eyelash brush comb from lashes to give root to the tail: go to sort out clean, maintain their eyelashes dry state; and their hair as are needed to sort out every day, every other day cleaning the truth is the same, eyelashes currently also requires you to sort out clean, grafting lashes best not to draw eye makeup, not mascara, you can not use an eyelash curler, not themselves to hot eyelash hesitation different sleep and habits, grafted eyelash 15 off part of everyday normal grafted eyelashes off will not take off their eyelashes.

Grafted eyelashes at present is a lot of kind of beauty eyelashes fashion girls aspire to, now is a lot of people will go to select grafted eyelashes in this way, of course, now is a lot of girls are can be grafted to fake his own eyelashes, this effect also can get girls like, otherwise the current will not be too many people to choose grafted eyelashes, because grafted eyelashes can bring more beauty to girls.