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Do you have a lot of questions about grafting eyelashes?

Nowadays, false eyelashes have become a necessary step for girls to make daily makeup. False eyelashes can help you make your eyes bigger, make your eyes more attractive, make you full of confidence, maybe for women now. For children, almost all false eyelashes have been used, but some girls do not particularly like false eyelashes, because false eyelashes need to be worn during makeup, and it takes a long time to wear. Female friends whose eyelashes are not only short and do not like false eyelashes often choose to graft the eyelashes. However, there are many female friends who have many questions when eyelash extensions. For example, will frequent grafting of eyelashes hurt their own eyelashes, and do they need to continue to paint eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes? Can't use the makeup remover normally. For these problems, women will think of it before they can graft the eyelashes. Today we will talk about the problem of grafting eyelashes.

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The first is how to choose the eyelashes that suit you. The shape of each eye is different. Therefore, when you graft the eyelashes, you must choose a suitable eyelash. You need to select the eye shape first and choose the length of the eyelash. And the thickness, of course, the different eyelashes, the effect of coming out after grafting is also different. Before you graft the eyelashes, you can refer to the eyelashes collection, pick out your favorite eyelashes, and then communicate with the eyelashes. If you need to wear glasses every day, then you should pay attention to the length and curl of the eyelashes to prevent the eyelashes from getting stuck in the lens.

The second grafting eyelash will not hurt your own eyelashes. As long as you regularly graft the eyelashes, the general principle will not hurt your own eyelashes. The principle of eyelash extensions is that only one true eyelash can only be grafted on one. So that it will not cause the eyelashes to lose weight and damage your eyelashes. When grafting, do not stick the false eyelashes directly to the root of your eyelashes. You need a distance of six 0.5 mm so that you don't hurt your eyelashes. Does not cause eye sensitivity.

How long can the eyelash last for the third time? After the grafting of the eyelashes, it is necessary to make up the eyelashes one month. Because the growth period of the eyelashes is about two months, the eyelashes will fall off by themselves at that time, and three or four drops every day. It is normal, so it is necessary to add new eyelashes one month after you graft the eyelashes.

Fourth, do you think that the more eyelashes are grafted, the better? If it is according to the number of eyelashes of your own, the eyelashes are about 120 to 140. Because a true eyelash can only be grafted one, plus your own new eyelashes can not be attached to the eyelashes, you must control it within a range, and then pick it up. The most natural, if you exceed the number, it is easy to cause the original eyelashes to break.

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What if the eyelashes after the fifth grafting are messed up? You can use the small eyelash comb to open the eyelashes and return the eyelashes to their original appearance. When a female friend often sleeps at night, the eyelashes become very messy. At this time, you only need a lash comb, and the lashes can be A one-way combed so that the lashes can be neatly tidy. But when you comb your eyelashes, your hands must be light so that you don't comb the fragile eyelashes.

Fifth, can you draw eye makeup after grafting your eyelashes? The answer is that the eye makeup can continue to draw, the eye shadow can be painted, the eyeliner can be omitted, in fact, after the grafting of the eyelashes does not affect the eye makeup, according to the original makeup, but after the eyelashes are finished, the eyelashes become Thick and curled, with invisible eyeliner effect, so the eyeliner can be saved, so that in the future cleaning, you can save a lot of time, and will not damage the grafted eyelashes.

Sixth, how to remove makeup every day to not damage the eyelashes, can not use oily large makeup remover, oily, it is easy to melt the grafted eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off, so when removing makeup, do not choose oily Large makeup remover can be used with ordinary makeup remover, but you need to pay attention to it. When you unload it, you should apply it first. You can wipe it in one direction. Remember not to rub back and forth hard, so you can easily Unloading the eye makeup, don't be afraid to hurt the eyelashes.

eyelash extensions
Seventh, how can you extend the effect of eyelash extensions? You can choose to use eyelashes to raise the liquid at the root of your eyelashes, which can help your own eyelashes to be stronger and less likely to fall off. The grafted eyelashes can also be maintained for a long time. It is.

The above content is about the question of grafting eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes can be said to be a very good experience. It can satisfy your own beautiful desire and make you more attractive.