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Do you know a few tips for sticking false eyelashes? It’s natural after posting

Many girls suspect that their eyelash length is not enough, so false eyelashes have entered everyone's field of vision and become a must-have item. However, many people think that false eyelashes are unnatural. You probably won't find a way to paste. How do you put fake eyelashes naturally? Share a few below
1. False eyelash technique :Trim false eyelashes. Many people are used to directing stickers. In fact, they can trim it properly, which will be more natural. How do you trim it? It is mainly based on its width and lengthbecause the human eyelashes are the longest in the middle and the sides are shorter. If you want to make the false eyelashes natural, you can see the length and width of the false eyelashes according to your eye type. If it is very long, usesmall scissors to subtract some, pay attention to keep its curvature. The area of the eyes and tail can be slightly trimmed naturally.

false eyelashes
2, false eyelashes tips 2: before the oil absorption, the oil absorption here is to absorb the eyelids, especially oil on the oily skin, it is best to use the oil-absorbing paper to clean the oil on the eyelids before the false eyelashes, or use a little powder to make the false eyelashes firm The ground sticks together.
3, stickers false eyelashes Tip 3: first stick your own eyelashes before the paste, between the false eyelashes, first use the eyelash curler to clamp your original eyelashes, so that the back of the false eyelashes will look better and more natural. In addition, when applying false eyelashes, apply glue from the middle to the sides so that the eyes and tail have enough glue.
false eyelashes
4, false eyelash tips 4: pay attention to the order of stickers, when attaching false eyelashes, the eyes should look down, let the nose face the mirror, so you can know the specific contour of the eyelashes, and then find the head position of the eye, from The head of the eye sticks, then goes to the middle, and finally finishes the end of the eye.

After reading so much, do you know how to apply false eyelashes naturally? If you want to make your eyes look natural, be sure to know how to properly apply your eyelashes. The tips shared above can help you.