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Do you know enough about false eyelashes?

Many girls are beautiful, because every heart is there, so most girls are familiar with make-up. Make-up can make their makeup look more beautiful and the effect will be the best. If you want to be more refined, put on a layer of makeup, but don't go too deep and too thick makeup, because cosmetics can also cause damage to people's faces, it is best not to make too much makeup. Some light makeup is still possible. Everyone has a hobby. Everyone says that makeup is also in daily life. Many people choose makeup. They would rather spend a lot of time and money on makeup. Everyone is I want to make my makeup look more beautiful. Nowadays, false eyelashes have become a very popular beauty tool on the market. Girls who love beauty should not be familiar with this kind of tool. False eyelashes can mainly make people The eyes become more delicate, and the eyes can be made bigger and curled. This is what every girl wants, but are you really aware of false eyelashes? So how much do you know about false eyelashes?

false eyelashes

If you want to know false eyelashes, you must first understand the material of false eyelashes. Nowadays, there are many types of false eyelashes, and it is better for us to choose from. So you have to put all the materials of false eyelashes. To find out. First, let's take a look at the material of the false eyelashes. The hair of the false eyelashes is tied to the upper part of the root. The main stem is divided into three kinds of materials. The first material is a transparent eyelash stem. This eyelash stem is like a fishing line, and the invisibility is better. The strength of the formation is also good, very suitable for some light makeup, can not see any clues, everyone's first choice is this eyelash stem; then cotton stem, cotton stem is the most comfortable of these three materials, in It’s very natural to be stupid when you’re wearing it, but if you want to be natural, you have to draw a black eyeliner to make it look more natural. The last thing to say is the plastic stem, the plastic stem is three. One of the blackest and hardest materials in the material, its advantage is that it is closer to people's hair, but it is the lowest in comfort.

false eyelashes

Then you need to know the hair of the false eyelashes. The hair of the false eyelashes is roughly natural hair and man-made fiber. Usually, the most common one is man-made fiber. The cost performance of this material is relatively high. The first thing to say is natural hair. The eyelashes used for natural hair are plastic stems. The advantage is that the hair is more realistic and soft. But it also has a lot of shortcomings that the price is slightly more expensive, and it is easy to cause the own eyelashes to fall off. Basically, the hair can not be reused; then the artificial fiber, the eyelash of this material is the most Common eyelashes, the benefits are very obvious, the life of this eyelash is relatively long, can be used repeatedly, but its shortcoming is that the hair is not easy to reflect, and then it is particularly fake.

There is also a classification of eyelashes you need to know. The first one is the natural one. This natural style is more common and used. Its length and curvature are close to the true eyelashes. You can choose to stick the whole one, or you can choose to cut the eyelashes and then segment them. In the process of use is also very good, is a novice dedicated eyelash products; then is the scene thick, this eyelash is more suitable for light makeup, but this eyelash is really good, very in the process of use The curling, waterproof effect is also very good; then the end of the eye is long, if you want to become a mature big girl, then you can choose this type of eyelashes, this eyelash is more suitable for the big girl.

false eyelashes

Then you need to know the tools of false eyelashes. When using false eyelashes, the tools of eyelashes are definitely indispensable, because the tools are very important, you must choose genuine eyelash tools, such as eyelash glue, eyelash glue is close Eyes, so I want to buy some genuine eyelash glue, so as to ensure the safety of our eyes; there are many eyelash tools such as scorpion and so on.

There are also many steps to apply eyelashes. You must trim the length of the eyelashes before using it. This step must not be less. Don't be naive to think that the fake eyelashes you bought are as long as your eyes. There is no big eye like ice or ice. Just scratch your eyes and then subtract the excess length; apply glue, pinch the ends of the false eyelashes with both hands, gently rub the curvature of it to better fit the curvature of the eyes, apply the glue evenly and properly. At the root of the false eyelashes, be careful not to apply it on the top, so that the attached eyelashes are not natural enough.

If you want to use false eyelashes, you must have a clear understanding of false eyelashes, so that you can make the best results of false eyelashes, and make your makeup look better.