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Do you know how to graft eyelashes for yourself?

At present, every girl wants beauty. Of course, the current living conditions are getting better and better. Many girls will make a better dress for their makeup. There are many ways to do it. You can make yourself more refined, many girls can become more beautiful, but also better radiate charm. Well, nowadays, many girls will use cosmetics, and there are many types of cosmetics, so at present, many girls will choose some better cosmetics to make their own makeup, everyone will choose the cosmetics that are suitable for you, of course, are also a problem for girls. The choice of cosmetics needs to be considered in many ways because there are more cosmetics on the market. There are also bad ones. If you choose cosmetics that are not suitable for you, the damage to your makeup is very great, so everyone needs to pay more attention when choosing cosmetics. According to the type of cosmetics, you need to do more. Understand that you can choose some cosmetics that are more suitable for you to make makeup better so that the effect can be better. Then I believe everyone knows about false eyelashes. There are many people who can use it, false eyelashes have a lot of beauty As a result, they are using false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, and also a lot of people choose to decorate their false eyelashes eye. Everyone knows about eyelash extensions, but do you know how to graft eyelashes for yourself?

Grafting eyelashes is a kind of beautiful eyelashes technology. I believe that girls who love beauty know about grafting eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes is much better than the effect of sticking eyelashes on themselves, so more girls choose to eyelash extensions. However, grafting eyelashes currently has a life span. After the life span has expired, it is necessary to go to the eyelash store to repair eyelashes. In this case, it is more troublesome. In fact, it is possible to directly graft eyelashes by themselves, but many girls I dont know how to do it. Today I can tell you how to graft eyelashes by yourself. This effect is also very good. You can also go to the eyelash store without too much trouble.

When you are grafting eyelashes yourself, you need to use cleansers to clean your eyes, and then clean the eyelashes along the corners of your eyes in the direction to the end of the eyes, and then blow-dry the ball to dry the cleaned eyes. Be sure to blow dry. This step is very important. It is mainly to clean the eyelash grease, to prevent the open eye grafting glue from sticking and causing the grafted eyelashes to fall off. Open the glue with the eyes open and drip it into the ring cup. (The glue level is often not used and needs to be refrigerated. Take it out for 2 hours in advance when you use it. Shake the glue left and right when preparing to graft, because the glue will be layered, and it will be even after shaking Before going to use the eyelash tweezers to get the hair, take it off from the tail of the eyelashes.

Then the next step is to dip the removed hairs into glue. The glue to dip the eyelashes should be based on the actual situation. It should not be too much. If it is too much, you need to remove some extra eyelash glue, but it should not be too small. If it is too small, it is easy to stick. This also requires companies to try a few more times to understand more. When grafting up, use a cotton swab to resist the eyelids for grafting up. The grafted eyelashes must be glued on their true eyelashes so that the real eyelashes and false eyelashes can be glued together for a little adhesion. The eyelash extensions need to be grafted between 1 and 2 mm of their true eyelashes and must be grafted on the eyelids. Graft one, blow-dry the ball. Graft one at a time so that the new graft does not stick to the eyelash glue that was previously grafted. Repeat this action until the grafting of eyelashes is complete. Use the eyelash brush to take better care of the grafted eyelashes, and then use the blow dry ball to dry it.

To remove the grafted eyelashes, you need to use a glue remover. Use a cotton swab to remove the glue and apply it to the grafted eyelashes for about 1 minute. In fact, everyone can go for eyelash grafting, but you need to pay more attention when doing eyelash grafting. Otherwise, it will also cause great damage to your eyes. Go to the eyelash store for grafting eyelashes.