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Do you know six techniques for grafting eyelashes ?

Nowadays, there are a lot of girls who can better make up their own makeup. Now there are many girls who will make their makeup more beautiful. Now there are many ways to make you become More attractive. Now the market has a lot of beauty tools, so that girls can use them better. Now girls will choose their own cosmetics to use, so now girls are You can make your makeup look more beautiful. Now the cosmetics on the market are better. When choosing cosmetics, you must choose a cosmetics that suits you. Decorate your face. In this case, the effect can also achieve a better effect, so many girls can choose their favorite cosmetics and then use them. Cosmetics can be said to be a daily item for every girl today. Many girls will use cosmetics to start their day when they wake up every morning. There are also many steps to make up now. There are various parts of cosmetics. It can be used, so many girls will choose some cosmetics that are suitable for them before they can be used better. However, when using it, the steps must be to follow the normal steps to make up, so that you can better use the cosmetics, the effect can reach the best state, otherwise there will be a lot of big on your own face Hurt. False eyelashes are also very common now, and a lot of beauty techniques have also appeared. Eyelash techniques are also being tried by many girls now, and eyelash extensions are one of them.

eyelash extensions

The main function of false eyelashes is to modify people's eyes and make their own eyelashes more perfect. It can also make their eyes brighter and more attractive. I believe that many girls will choose now. Some are more suitable for your own false eyelashes, because now false eyelashes can bring us a lot of benefits. There are also a lot of beautiful eyelashes. Otherwise, no more people will choose to graft eyelashes, so many girls can now use false eyelashes. eyelash extensions are also very effective now, but there are also a lot of precautions when performing eyelash grafting. Now you need to learn more about it, otherwise you will be disadvantaged when performing eyelash grafting. . Do you know the six better techniques for grafting eyelashes now?

1. Position the five points on the eyebrows first, so that the eyelashes grafted out will be more neat.

2. Before grooming the eyelashes, use the eyelash comb to groom the eyelashes more neatly.

3. When eyelash extensions, you must choose a false eyelash that suits you. At present, the length and density of eyelashes need to be different from person to person. In the current selection of eyelashes, you should choose softer and thinner eyelashes, so that the damage to your own eyelashes will be less, and the eyelashes can be maintained for longer.

4, choose the right density of your grafting eyelashes. Everyone's situation is different, needs to be different from person to person, and the price difference also exists, you need to choose according to the actual situation of eyelashes.

5. Do not apply water within 3 hours after grafting eyelashes, otherwise it will affect the effect of grafting eyelashes.

6. After grafting eyelashes, you don't need to apply mascara again. Eye makeup can be applied normally, but do not use oily makeup removers. Therefore, please prepare a makeup remover or makeup remover in advance. When removing makeup, wipe gently with a cotton swab to prevent false eyelashes from falling out.

eyelash extensions

There are several materials for grafting eyelashes: artificial eyelashes. Compared with protein fiber eyelashes and mink hairs, artificial eyelashes are harder, but their curl and shape are better. After grafting, they can clearly reflect the beauty of eyelashes. Effects, advantages: low price, various styles, individual colors can be selected; disadvantages: harder material, heavier, easy to crush eyelashes. Protein fiber eyelashes: There are many types of protein fiber eyelashes. Take silk protein fiber eyelashes as an example. These eyelashes are closest to natural eyelashes. They are soft, have a certain shape and curl, and the grafting effect is very natural. Advantages: It is the lightest of the three types, and it is not easy to crush the eyelashes. It has a certain shape and curl. Disadvantages: less styles, among the three. Natural real hair: advantages: soft, natural, but need care; disadvantages: most natural eyelashes are fakes, even if there are, they will be dull because of lack of vitality, especially without elasticity, not waterproof, not suitable for eyelashes grafting.