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Do you know some questions about grafting eyelashes?

Nowadays, many people choose to use cosmetics. Cosmetics have become a daily necessity for people. Almost every girl has used cosmetics because cosmetics can help them become more refined, so girls still know a lot about cosmetics. It was used. Although cosmetics are very popular nowadays, there are still many precautions when using them. These precautions are not known to many girls. Only when you really understand the things you need to pay attention to when making makeup, you can use cosmetics more seriously. In order to better show the effect of makeup. Many girls don't know much about these when they make up. There are a lot of processes and steps in makeup. Each step is very important. When makeup is used, people often use false eyelashes. False eyelashes are now used by people. I believe many girls are using false eyelashes. The understanding is not particularly profound, and the use of false eyelashes is more troublesome, so now more people choose to graft eyelashes. This technology is very advanced now, which can save the girls a lot of trouble when applying makeup. It can also better show the effect. Today, I will introduce some things that need attention when eyelash extensions.

Before you can graft the eyelashes, you need to know the type of false eyelashes. There are many types of false eyelashes that are currently on the market. You need to choose one that suits you and then use them. The first thing to say is the false eyelashes that are artificially synthesized. The price of this type of false eyelashes is relatively low, but the style of this type of eyelashes is many. This type of false eyelashes is harder on the material and is heavier. It is easy to crush our eyelashes when used. Because there are more types of false eyelashes on the market, so it can be based on you. Personal choices are also fiber false eyelashes. This material's false eyelashes are lighter and better in curling, but there are fewer styles for this type of eyelashes; People's hair is not only soft but also very natural and comfortable. It is very comfortable to try to touch when we graft.

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You can also choose the curling degree of the eyelashes and the length of the eyelashes when grafting the eyelashes. This can be selected according to the individual's thoughts. If you choose false eyelashes with stronger curling, the effect will be more beautiful. There are many options for the curling of false eyelashes. It is best to choose the one that suits you best and then graft it so that you can better show the perfect effect of eyelash extensions. Generally, the length of the eyelashes is 9mm-13mm, which is the most normal. The natural eyelashes are 9-10. It is natural to select 0.15mm on the thickness of eyelashes, but this is still based on some personal circumstances.

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After grafting the eyelashes, it is best not to make some eye makeup. It is better to keep the false eyelashes clean. It is better not to touch the water after 6-8 hours of grafting the eyelashes. In the usual care, you should pay more attention to it. When washing your face, it is best to wash it gently. When removing makeup, it is best to use a cotton swab to unload it. Do not rub your eyes directly when washing your face. Bad reaction, so is gentle, don't cause too much damage to the eyelashes after grafting, so that the grafted eyelashes can last longer. eyelash extensions can generally be maintained for 20 days to a month or so. This is mainly based on the individual's status, and it is important to maintain in the later stages.

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Many people have some doubts about grafting eyelashes. For example, after the grafting, the eyelashes will not fall off naturally. In fact, you don't have to worry too much. People lose their hair is metabolic, it is normal, it is gone. It will still grow again. As long as you don't make too much action on the grafted eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes, it is generally not a problem and will not affect your own eyelash growth. Many people don't know that the eyelashes they think are wrong. Many people think that it is wrong to cut the eyelashes and make the eyelashes grow longer. This is mainly because of the problem of the individual's eyelash factor, what it is, what it is like to grow up again.

There is also a lot of attention when removing makeup after grafting the eyelashes. Try to avoid the part of the eyelashes as much as possible so that you can better protect the false eyelashes. If it is a little makeup remover, it does not matter. The eyelash glue used for grafting eyelashes is generally more professional. Only the makeup remover that removes the eyelash glue can be removed.