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Do you know the whole process of grafting eyelashes ?

Now I believe that every girl is beautiful, because now beauty can be said to be the nature of girls, so now girls want to find a good way to decorate their faces. Many girls have their own ways to make themselves more beautiful, and they can also exude better beauty. I believe this is what each girl yearns for. Well, nowadays, girls often choose cosmetics to decorate themselves. Of course, it is also very common to use cosmetics now. Almost every girl will use cosmetics. At present, cosmetics are also very common. But choosing the cosmetics that suits you can better show your makeup. There are many types of cosmetics on the market today, and now there are many girls who can choose cosmetics that suit themselves. False eyelashes are a type of cosmetics. Currently, many girls use false eyelashes. Many people use false eyelashes better now. There are also many beautiful eyelash technologies. The appearance of beautiful eyelash technology has made many people's eyelashes grow long and curled up. So more people now choose eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions

Grafting eyelashes can be said to be a very common cosmetic item at present, and long eyelashes will make your eyes enlarge and become more energetic. At present, eyelashes are not dangerous, but at present, more girls are very unsuccessful. After grafting, the eyelashes are not curled enough, the fan shape is also very inconspicuous, and it falls off relatively quickly. This is also very disappointing for a girl who pursues a sense of experience. In order to make the effect more satisfied, you also need to understand the entire process of eyelash grafting before you can better prepare in advance and improve the effect.

eyelash extensions

The grafted eyelashes were not attached to the skin before you grafted them, but are now attached to some of the original eyelashes. Therefore, the length and density of the current grafting can be determined based on the original eyelashes. If your own eyelashes are not only short and scarce, then grafting false eyelashes too long will appear very unnatural, and it will also bring a burden to make the original eyelashes fall off quickly. Grafted eyelashes are also very important in terms of quality. Lightweight and shiny false eyelashes can better create some natural feelings. Before grafting, it is necessary to communicate with the eyelash artist in many ways. Some women with sensitive skin need to go for test sensitivity first. Do not apply makeup on the eyes before eyelash extensions, it will affect the adhesion effect.

When grafting eyelashes, it takes about one to an hour and a half to graft. It is not possible to open your eyes halfway, so women need to choose a more comfortable posture in advance, so that they will not feel special when grafting. Aggrieved. When grafting, you also need to use tools to work in some places near the eyelids, and the eyelash artists need more attention and concentration, so it is best not to talk casually. Choosing some qualified nail salons can experience better service and technology, and the quality of the eyelashes and glue used will also be better.

eyelash extensions

After you graft your eyelashes, the glue after grafting needs to be cured for a period of time. It is also necessary to avoid touching the water within a day, and do not apply oily skin care products around your eyes. At present, it is also very easy to cause peeling. . For a period of time afterwards, it is best not to rub your eyes at will to avoid being hit by strong water pressure. False eyelashes and contact lenses are more compatible and can be used to enlarge the eyes. Some girls with glasses are best not to choose too thick and long eyelashes for grafting. This is very easy to reach the eyelashes, and the makeup is not beautiful enough. And now you need to know that eyelash extensions is not permanent, and it will fall off as the original eyelashes fall off. The newly born eyelashes will have a major transition time when they grow.

The principle of grafting eyelashes is mainly through microsurgery. Some healthy hair follicle structures in the posterior occipital region are taken, and then special skills are used to separate the structure of the hair follicles. Then, the hair follicles are grafted to the eyelashes. After the hair follicles are alive, all the characteristics of natural hair are maintained, so that the final result of modifying eyelashes can be reached. How much does it cost to graft eyelashes? The specifics also need to be analyzed in combination with the difficulty of surgery, the number and density of grafted eyelashes, and the choice of doctors and hospitals. Therefore, we must understand how to make a decision that is more suitable for us according to our actual situation.