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Do you know which type you are suitable for when grafting eyelashes?

At present, there are more girls who love beauty. Following the current living environment is getting better and better. Many girls have begun to pay attention to their makeup and want to make themselves more beautiful. There are many ways to do this now. At present, many girls like makeup. There are many different kinds of makeup now, because many girls now prefer to choose some kinds of cosmetics when making makeup, so that the makeup will be better. This is not the case. You only need to go through the formal techniques to make your makeup look better. It is also possible now, because the demand for cosmetics is very large now, and the market for cosmetics has also changed. Very big, almost every girl has tried cosmetics now, but for the use of cosmetics, I think many girls still can't use it correctly. In fact, now only need to go to the normal procedure to use cosmetics. There is a lot of ways to make a very nice look, according to the current multi-faceted test. First, choose a cosmetic that suits you, because it is really important to make your own cosmetics. Now there are a lot of girls who can choose the cosmetics they like, but according to the current choices, Now that makeup is mentioned, there is definitely someone who chooses to use false eyelashes, so the technique of eyelash extensions are also very good. Let me tell you about the types of grafting eyelashes. There are still many girls in this area. It is not enough to understand.

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At present, the use of false eyelashes is very important. Many girls use fake eyelashes to beautify their eyes and make their eyes more attractive. At present, there are many girls who are going to graft eyelashes. Now they are eyelash extensions. The technology is also very good, it can be used more effectively, it is much better than the fake eyelashes that it sticks to. The girls are also choosing to use this kind of eyelash technology. Now many girls know This kind of eyelash technology, and for many girls are very beautiful, and now many people have tried this beauty eyelash technology.

If you want to better eyelash extensions, you need to know the steps to make the eyelashes. First, you need to start from the density of the false eyelashes. The first type is natural and is also known as the elegant type. This type of false eyelashes is a little longer and denser than the real eyelashes. If you are a beautiful eyelash that you like natural beauty, If you don't like to be found in processing, then you can choose this style! It is now more suitable for work, and now low-key needs. In this case, the pressure on the eyelashes is not great, and the comfort of the eyes is also very good. If you are now grafting the eyelashes for the first time, it is recommended to choose this kind of false eyelashes.

eyelash extensions

Then it is said that the thick false eyelashes, also known as Barbie dolls, are encrypted on the basis of the current natural shape. A true eyelash is about to be added to 2 or 3 fake eyelashes. The changes in the eyes are very large now, and the makeup is also strong now. Others will be attracted to your flashing eyelashes in the moment you see them. At the same time, it is also very age-reducing, and it is also a magic weapon to increase self-confidence in social situations. There is also a more exaggerated shape, also known as Cleopatra, on the basis of the thick shape, encryption and lengthening. It is twice as long as your own eyelashes and 3 to 4 times more dense. It's also very beautiful after it's done now, but the real eyelashes are short and scarce, and they can't bear the length and density of this style. At the same time, the time it keeps is relatively short. In the present, it is like a person who needs to lift two 1 meter wooden sticks for one hour, three 2 meters for 50 minutes, and five 3 meters for wooden sticks. The time is getting more and more inclined. Moved. If you are attending a ceremony or attending a party, you can choose this.

eyelash extensions

In the arrangement of the shape of the eyelashes, attention should be paid to the two types: the first one is: the fan shape: the middle is long but the two sides are relatively short. The focus is mainly on the middle of the eyes, very cute. The second type is: flying shape: the inner corner of the eye is relatively short, and the outer corner of the eye is very long. In the present, it is mainly a transition from short to long. The focus is mainly on the outer corner of the eye, which is full of charm and charm.

In fact, the grafting technique of false eyelashes is very good now. Many girls choose false eyelashes to decorate their eyes and make their eyelashes long and curled, but still need to choose a kind that suits them. Grafting.