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Do you like mellow tip lashes?

The sharpened eyelash is the tip of the eyelash that looked like has been honed, just as the tip of the real hair thins.

The sharpen tip natural false eyelashes can give you a higher degree of refinement and emulation. If you only care about the effect of big eyes and vigor and don't care about the details, then the sharpen tips can be ignored by you.

Sharpening is a necessary condition for my choosing my eyelashes now. Why? Because sharpen tip lashes looks more natural and delicate as those unsharpened.

The whole face will look difference, not to mention the close-up. Cluster-like eyelashes just need the sharpen tip style. Otherwise, those clusters will be like the lumps of signature strokes. The sharpen tip lashes are more like real hair, and no sharpen tip ones look like being cut off.

We can provide you with more than 1000 styles of sharpen tip artificial lashes at present. If you are looking for sharpen tip lashes, please contact us.