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Do you understand the various problems of grafting eyelashes?

At present, many girls have a very high concept of makeup. If you want to make yourself more beautiful and attractive, you must work hard on your makeup so that you can achieve the effect you want, so now the girl is Make-up is very well understood. If you want to make yourself more beautiful, you can make better maintenance for yourself. Of course, make-up is also a good way, but it takes a lot of time to make up. At the moment when girls get up in the morning, the first thing to do is to spend a beautiful makeup. It takes a long time to make up because there are many steps in makeup. These steps are all makeup. The girls all need to understand better, only after real understanding, and then in the makeup can be better. Eye makeup is very important when making makeup. When it comes to eye makeup, it is definitely indispensable for eyelashes. False eyelashes are very important for a person's makeup. Many people need a long time to use false eyelashes. However, there are now beauty techniques for grafting eyelashes, so people will be more convenient when using them. How much do you know about grafting eyelashes?

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Many people now choose to graft eyelashes, because grafting eyelashes can save time for eye makeup. This is the reason many people choose to use it, although it can make people's eyes more spiritual and more attractive, people My heart is still very worried that it will hurt your eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes. These are the biggest problems now. In fact, these problems still need your own attention.

Grafting eyelashes First, you still have to find a false eyelash that suits you. Otherwise, the eyelashes after grafting are unnatural. If you want to make the false eyelashes more natural, choose the false eyelashes that suit you. First, go first. Pick the eye shape that suits you, then choose the length of the false eyelashes and the thickness of the false eyelashes. Different degrees of false eyelashes can show different effects. When grafting eyelashes, you need to refer to the successful case, and then pick out your favorite false eyelashes and communicate with your beautiful eyelashes. The advice given by the eyelashes is then chosen to choose the type of eyelashes that you prefer. Regarding whether or not you will hurt your true eyelashes, as long as it is not overweight, it will not hurt the eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes. The principle of grafting eyelashes is to attach a false eyelash to one of its own eyelashes. It will not cause your own true eyelashes to break. When grafting, it is best not to stick directly to the root of the eyelashes. In this case, it is easy to stimulate the hair follicles, causing eye sensitivity, which affects the growth of your own eyelashes; Know how long it can last after grafting the eyelashes. You can safely tell you that it takes about a month to make up the eyelashes after grafting one eyelash so that the effect can be better. The usual grafting eyelash maintenance time is One month.

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Also, you must be clear that when you graft the eyelashes, it is not that the more you graft, the better the eyelashes will be. According to the amount of a native eyelash, about 120 to 14 eyelashes can make the best. Most people's eyelashes are around 120 to 140 eyelashes. Because a real eyelash is connected to a false eyelash, it is best to graft it according to the number of eyelashes. If it is more than the number of your grafts, If you have your own eyelashes, then it will be very troublesome, so you need a lot of control in terms of quantity.

There are more people worried about the lashes after grafting, what to do if they are messed up. If the false eyelashes are messy, then you don't need too much trouble. Just use the eyelash comb to open the lashes. When you remove makeup, will you hurt your eyelashes? You only need to choose a better makeup remover when removing makeup. Because you choose a relatively oily makeup remover, you can better clean your eyelashes. It won't hurt the eyelashes too easily, so you need to choose a better makeup remover to remove makeup.

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People's eyelash curling degree is also divided, mainly divided into three types: 30 degrees, 50 degrees, and 70 degrees respectively; in this one of the closest to people's eyes is 30 degrees of warp, this kind of tilt Degree is very natural, you can extend your own length, suitable for some girls with long eyelashes and do not like makeup.

There are still many problems with grafting eyelashes that you need to understand. In the process of grafting, if you don't have enough knowledge, it is very troublesome, so you need to have a deep understanding of grafting eyelashes.