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Does grafting eyelashes hurt your eyes? How long can it last?

Now having long, thick and curly eyelashes is also a wish that many female friends have always had. At present, grafting eyelashes is mainly the fastest way to realize these wishes in one go. At present, some friends may have thought about it before. What is going on with grafting eyelashes? What harm does it cause to your eyes? And other issues, then let me tell you a few questions about grafting eyelashes.

Will eyelash extensions hurt my true eyelashes? Actually it won't. The more important principle of grafting eyelashes is that one real eyelash can only be connected to one false eyelash. As long as you are not overweight, you will not cause your real eyelashes to break quickly because of too much. However, it should be noted now that when grafting eyelashes, it is necessary to reserve a distance of 0.5mm at the root of eyelashes, so as not to stimulate the hair follicles faster, cause their own sensitivity, or hinder the growth of eyelashes .

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Is it better to graft more eyelashes? Actually not. Only one false eyelash can be attached to a real eyelash. According to the amount of one's native eyelashes, it is better to be between 120 and 140. The number of grafts with both eyes can be controlled within this range, and some of the effects are more natural. How long can eyelash extensions last? About a month or so: Grafting eyelashes are now sticking to their own real eyelashes, and currently they will fall off according to the growth cycle of their eyelashes. About one month, you can go for new eyelashes. Will the real eyelashes fall with the grafted false eyelashes? Yes, but don't worry. True eyelashes now have their own growth cycle, and now they will fall off naturally. Generally speaking, as long as you do not deliberately pull the grafted eyelashes, it will not hurt your hair follicles. The grafted eyelashes will fall off with the current self-lashes cycle. Need to worry too much about regrowth in eyelashes.

How to choose a suitable eyelash? Now go to choose a favorite eye shape; then go to choose the length and thickness. The effect of different eyelashes after grafting is also different. There are also many reference cases before eyelash extensions. After choosing the eye shape, go to communicate with the eyelash artist. However, there is one thing you need to pay attention to now: friends who wear glasses usually have to consider the distance between eyelashes and lenses, otherwise they will easily get stuck on their own lenses.

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Which material is used for mink hair and silk protein? Both can. Mink hair is animal hair, which is close to the original eyelashes, and the effect is more natural. Silk protein is artificial fiber, the color will be black, the effect is obvious after finishing, and the makeup feeling is heavier. But in fact, the material of the eyelashes has little effect on the makeup effect. The important thing is to look at the technique of the eyelash artist. Are there other colors for eyelashes? There is. There are many colors of false eyelashes, such as purple, black, pink, brown and so on. Friends who like other colors can also go and try different color shapes with confidence. But it should be noted that false eyelashes need to be mixed with our own black eyelashes, and our own eyelashes will not be dyed!

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What should I do if my lashes are messed up? Use the eyelash comb to open it. After waking up in the morning and discovering that your eyelashes are messed up, you can use the eyelash comb to brush your eyelashes one-way and straighten them, so that the eyelashes are more neat. Note: The intensity of combing must be light. So after the eyelashes are grafted, do I need to paint the eye makeup? How to draw it? In fact, the eyeliner part can be omitted completely, and the eye shadow can be drawn normally. After grafting the eyelashes, there will also be an effect of invisible eyeliner, which can directly save the part of drawing eyeliner. Are there any requirements for current makeup removal? It is better to use makeup remover to remove makeup now. The oil molecules of the cleansing oil are relatively small, and it is easier to better dissolve and paste the glue on the eyelashes, causing their own eyelashes to fall off. If you use makeup remover, you don't need to worry about this issue. However, when removing makeup now, you need to apply it, and then wipe it in the forward direction. Do not rub it back and forth!