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Eyelash Extensions Precautions

The classification of common eyelash extensions:
Curl: J/B/C/D/L/L+/CC/
Length: 6mm-18mm

Thickness: 0.03mm/0.05mm/0.06mm/0.07mm/0.10mm/0.12mm/0.15mm/0.18mm/0.20mm/0.23mm/0.25mm

Mink fur, imported PBT fiber eyelashes, flat eyelashes ect, which have a better extension effect, and more natural.
According to the length of your eyelashes, the thickness of your eyelashes and the shape of your eyes, make-up artist will help you design a different and beautiful eyelash .

Maintaining time:

According to the use of glue, generally, it can maintain 2-8 weeks; Under normal circumstances, there will be some loss in 2 to 3 weeks, this time it is needed to be repaired again.
How to clean the eyelash extensions and to remove makeup:
When cleaning the roots of the eyelashes, you are supposed to wipe gently with a cotton swab, or use a remover cotton dipped in remover water and then remove the makeup from top to bottom.

Eyelash extensions need to pay attention to:
When washing your face, try to avoid eyelashes as much as possible; Do not rub eyelashes; Do not use eyelash curler; Do not use oil-containing cleansing products; Do not pull it with hands; Every day, after washing your face, you should gently comb the eyelashes with a special eyelash comb and you can also use the cold air blower to dry it up from bottom to top.