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Eyelash glue and unloading glue - an indispensable auxiliary tool for false eyelashes

With the continuous development of beauty fashion, more and more fashionable women began to pay attention to eye makeup. Women who are not long enough to get thin eyelashes like to use fake eyelashes to beautify their eyes, eyelashes glue remover and unloading glue as false eyelashes. The auxiliary tools used are important in the beauty of the eye and are known by more and more women.

eyelashes glue remover
eyelashes glue remover and unloading glue are mainly used for the adhesion and removal of false eyelashes. Eyelash glue can be divided into two types, black glue and white glue, and black glue can also be used to draw eyeliner. For women who often use false eyelashes, they usually pay special attention to the safety of glue, such as whether it will cause damage to the skin around the eyes. In fact, eyelash glue is made of synthetic resin as raw material, and the eyelash glue is generally produced. Through the strict testing of SGS, ROSH, EU and other related institutions, it has environmental protection, non-toxicity, hypoallergenic, no trace of use, and does not harm the skin around the eyes. The use of eyelash glue is very simple. First apply a proper amount of eyelash glue on the false eyelashes, then apply mascara on your eyelashes. Apply the false eyelashes to the root of the eyelashes of the eyelashes. After a few seconds, the false eyelashes will be applied. I am wearing it.
eyelashes glue remover
Eyelash unloading glue is a special glue for removing false eyelashes. When you want to remove the worn false eyelashes, first use a special unloading glue to gently wipe the around the eyes, so that the eyelash glue softens, and then pinch the false eyelashes with your index finger and thumb. At the root, the movement must be gentle, so that it will not hurt the skin around the eye and the eyelashes, nor will it affect the secondary use of the false eyelashes.
The skin around the eyes is delicate and sensitive. For those who love beauty, you must choose the eyelash glue and unloading glue that are produced and sold by regular channels, and do an allergy test before use to avoid the damage caused by allergies.