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Eyelash manufacturers share the use of false eyelashes, which is the real goddess!

Under the influence of the current era, more and more people are paying attention to their appearance. Wearing false eyelashes is also a must-have skill for the goddess. Many surveys show that the most fascinating part of a woman is not a figure, a curve, or a face.

No matter what the egg is, the moment that makes a man's heartbeat is actually a look. To talk about shaping the eyes, the eyelashes are the weapon of the shape. Thick eyelashes can make your eyes look sultry and look extraordinarily charming, but Asian women

The eyelash density of the child cannot be compared with that of European and American girls. The difference is still quite big. At this time, the eyelash manufacturer should be on the scene, and the eyelash makers share three tips for making the false eyelashes simple and easy.

1. The correct method of construction. False eyelashes are a kind of thing that is too short in your hand and which is too long to wear. The eyelashes are the longest in the middle, and the sides are slightly shorter. The length is usually about 5 mm or 10 mm.

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It looks natural after the eyelashes are worn. First of all, the length should not be too exaggerated, and the width should be suitable for your eye type. Measure the width of the length of the false eyelashes. If it is too long, you can use the scissors to subtract some, remember to trim the length.

If you want to maintain the original curvature, otherwise the eyelash manufacturer will be too fake. It should be noted that when trimming the width, you should cut the long part of the eye and the end of the eye separately. Don't just cut off the excess. section.

2, oil absorption, the oil will make false eyelashes difficult to fix, if you are oily skin, there may be some problems when wearing, before wearing false eyelashes, you can first clean the grease on the eyelids with oil-absorbing paper.

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3, count to ten seconds, after the mascara brush is glued, wait for ten seconds, then paste, which will make the final effect very different. If you just apply glue, you will be eager to put false eyelashes. If the false eyelashes will stick badly, they will run around.

It can't be fixed at the position you want it to stay.

The eyelash manufacturer gives you the true way to fake false eyelashes, and that is the real goddess.