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Eyelash Supplier: How to use false eyelashes better

Everyone knows that many girls are more beautiful, beauty can be said to be the nature of girls, so now girls are more beautiful, and girls have a better way to become more beautiful. I can make makeup through makeup and then make a lot of beautiful makeup. Many girls are happier when they make makeup because after the makeup is finished, they will become more beautiful. of. There are a lot of cosmetics in the present, so you need to choose a cosmetic that suits you when you choose so that you can better display your own makeup, and many people's skin is different. Therefore, the choice of cosmetics is more important. If you choose some bad cosmetics, it will cause great harm to your body. So girls need to pay attention when choosing cosmetics. Of course, girls will notice it. Nowadays, there are many kinds of cosmetics on the market, so the steps of makeup are naturally very much, so it is necessary to know more about the characteristics of cosmetics before making makeup. A variety of methods can be used for the makeup step. In the present, as long as the makeup is mentioned, it must be indispensable for eye makeup. In the present, eye makeup is more important. When it comes to eye makeup, there will definitely be people who think of false eyelashes. Now, there are also eyelash vendors. In the current eyelash, the supplier will also provide a lot of services, eyelash suppliers will also tell you how to better use false eyelashes.

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At present, I think everyone knows that the main function of false eyelashes is to beautify people's eyes. It is better to choose false eyelashes for use because there are many types of false eyelashes on the market. About false eyelashes are mainly provided by eyelash suppliers. Many girls can directly find eyelash vendors. Eyelash suppliers can also provide you with some good quality false eyelashes. The supplier provides you with a lot of services. If you don't know too much about it, you can find the eyelash supplier to introduce some problems in this aspect. The false eyelashes are also used in many aspects. I believe that there are still many people who know how to use false eyelashes.

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If you ask the eyelash supplier how to use false eyelashes better, it will definitely tell you. The eyelash supplier will tell you that you need to choose the appropriate false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are roughly divided into two types. The first thing to say is that the first one is made of plastic, and it is usually black and transparent. Kind, the advantage of being transparent is more natural. If it is just to lighten the makeup or not to pay the eyeliner, it will be more natural and unobtrusive when wearing it; the disadvantage is the stiff texture of the plastic fiber itself, which leads to this. The eyelashes of the material are relatively easy to fall off. The eyelash supplier will also introduce you to another type, which can be said to be cotton material. Now the stem of this false eyelash is soft, so the advantage in the present is that the fit will be higher. In the present, the effect will be more obvious, but in the current shortcomings, it is very important to combine the eyeliner to hide the eyelashes, and because the texture is very soft, it is present for novices. A problem that is not well controlled.

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The eyelash supplier will tell you that the next step is to adjust the false eyelashes. First, you can use the tweezers to compare the false eyelashes with your own eyelashes, and the joints of the eyes need to have some corners of their own eyes. 2mm or so, the end of the eye is slightly longer than the angle of the eye 2mm to 4mm (the length of the eye that needs to be focused on the length of the eye can be left at the end of the eye) After comparing the better, you can trim the length of the fake eyelashes that are really suitable for you.

After you have trimmed the length of the false eyelashes, you will need to make a simple stretch of the lashes on your lashes. The bumps and movements are not forgotten in the material of plastic or cotton. It can make the false eyelashes more soft and docile, and then in the current arc is more suitable for your eye shape.