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Eyelash vendors do not recommend you to fake eyelashes

Now is an era with the theme of beauty. Good-looking people can get angry in all kinds of applications. If we are born with a pair of beautiful eyes, but many people are not satisfied with their eyes, many eyelash vendors also Interested in a business opportunity. Various false eyelash ads are also very hot, and some false eyelashes are still not good. Why not recommend fake eyelashes? Netizen: After reading these three points, I am also very sorry.

eyelash vendors

1. False eyelashes adhere to the real eyelashes for a long time, which will destroy the hair follicles. Many women feel hypocritical and confused every day. They choose false eyelashes. However, false eyelashes are not secreted by our own hair follicles. Long-term attachment to our true eyelash follicles can cause structural damage to the original hair follicle. Therefore, it is impossible to regenerate the hair. After that, after the false eyelashes are removed, the hair is no longer produced where the false eyelashes were previously produced, and the false eyelashes are not cleaned.

2. With bacteria, we all know that the body is a very sensitive carrier, whether on the body surface or in the body, foreign matter will produce rejection, or cause extreme discomfort, and eventually lead to infection. After the false eyelashes are implanted, they must be cleaned regularly. If not cleaned in time, it will breed bacteria, causing serious conjunctivitis until eye infection.

3. Super glue can cause fine lines to grow. There are many eyelash vendors who can grow false eyelashes. The super glue you choose to use may be a poor quality product. They will stick strong glue directly to your eyelashes. This glue will pull your eyelids for a long time, making your eyelids lose their elasticity. Finally, no matter what method you use, it doesn't work.

eyelash vendors

After reading the above content, netizens expressed regret, so I suggest that you do not choose to plant false eyelashes. After all, the eyes are the window of the soul, and protecting your eyes will make you look more attractive.