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Eyelash vendors teaches novice how to attach false eyelashes

Is there any sister paper that doesn't wear false eyelashes like me? I want to be beautiful and handicapped... Even if I have glued my hands, I have tried countless times and still can't make damn false eyelashes! Psychological shadow area... Today, the following eyelash suppliers want to share with you a rescue.

eyelash vendors

The hand of the disabled party teaches you how to apply false eyelashes, and the novice can also learn the method of false eyelashes!

eyelash vendors is it great? Not up, no twists and turns, the real paste is natural. Come and learn from the steps below!

1: First, remove the false eyelashes and place the false eyelashes on the eyes to calculate the appropriate length.

2: Cut off the excess part of the false eyelashes to maintain the length of the false eyelashes.

3: Push the glue to the back of the hand, then apply the glue to the bottom of the tweezers and scrape it off the eyelashes. Be careful to apply more glue to the ends of the false eyelashes because their ends are easy to tip over.

4: Wait 30 seconds, let it dry, so the viscosity will be stronger, now it will stick everywhere. When you wait, you can curl your own eyelashes first. In this way, true and false eyelashes can have the same curvature.

eyelash vendors

5: The key to wearing false eyelashes is to lift your chin and turn them over. Put your eyelashes on the eyelashes first and put them away, but don't stick them on top.

6: Then use the tweezers to stick the end of the false eyelashes, then stick the front end. Use your finger to press the false eyelashes in to make sure the middle part is also stuck together.

7: Then scrape off the false eyelashes with your hand pointing upwards, making the eyelashes upward, the eyes bigger, and more radiant.

Tips: Don't get too entangled in this place, eyelash vendors remind you to fill it with black eyeshadow or eyeliner,put unposted places and unnatural places together, and fill them with other make-up products so that the combination of false eyelashes can be seen Make a whole.