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Eyelash vendors: What is the double eyelash?

Double eyelashes show thicker eyelashes and are very attractive. do not worry. Eyelashes grow in the front lip of the eyelids, arranged in 2-3 lines, short and curved. The upper eyelids are numerous and long, usually 100-150, with an average length of 8-12 mm and slightly curved upwards. In general, the inclination of the upper eyelid hair is 79.8 degrees-130 degrees for men, and 83.5 degrees for 140 degrees-160 degrees for closed eyes. Women are roughly the same as men. Eyelashes have a protective effect.
Mascara is one of the ways to increase eyelashes and is a small secret to expand your eyes. Applying a mascara brush in the horizontal and vertical directions is the key to eyelash makeup. When the brush is level, the liquid can adhere to the eyelashes and the curling effect is increased. Note that the root of the eyelashes is also important! When using a vertical brush, you can extend the length of the eyelashes and even use short, small eyelashes.
eyelash vendors: Steps for eyelash makeup:
1. Roll up your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. When cutting the eyelashes, clamp from the base of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes one by one. Hands without mascara can help pull the eyelids up. It is convenient to clip all the eyelashes, and it is convenient to lift from the roots, making the eyelashes appear naturally curled.

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2. mascara horizontal brush and vertical brush double coating first brush your eyelashes, starting from the cross brush. The head of the mascara is placed horizontally, inserted into the eyelashes from the base of the upper mascara, and placed horizontally from the apex.
3. Then brush the eyelashes and use the brush head vertically. After brushing the eyelashes on the left and right eyes, start applying the eyelashes. Place the mascara brush vertically on the next lash and vibrate around. Look up. Apply the eyelashes repeatedly, and the vertical brush will make the eyelashes longer and return to the upper eyelashes. This time you must use the mascara brush vertically. Pull the tips of the eyelashes one by one and use mascara and growing fibers for better results.
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4, eyelash vendors,back to the lower eyelashes, horizontal brush line sense. Apply the lower eyelashes again and gently apply the brush head horizontally to the base of the lower eyelashes. Because the lower eyelashes are short, the small eyelashes should be elongated and the lines should be formed.