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False eyelash selection and tips

Eyelashes are short and curved in the front lip of the eyelids. They protect the eyes. When dust or other foreign matter enters the eye, they will touch the eyelashes first. The eyelids will be reflectively closed to protect the eye from external invasion. Eyelashes can block light and prevent UV damage to the eyes. Eyelashes also have a beautifying eye effect, and the use of false eyelashes can increase the beautification effect and make the eyes more beautiful.

false eyelashes
People have a heart of beauty, can beautify themselves in a good way, so that they can look better, everyone is willing to do. The eyes should look like God, and the role of the eyelashes should not be underestimated. Switching between different eyelashes will result in a different effect. Some people have very short natural eyelashes. They are not enough to make their eyes look bright and large. Naturally, they are replaced by fake eyelashes. Handlashes and semi-manual eyelashes are generally used. The choice of false eyelashes should be based on the facial makeup, or according to the shape of the eye to achieve the desired effect. The fake eyelashes that are attached to everyday life can be chosen to be not too dense, but for artistic activities, for the stage or makeup effect, the corresponding eyelashes should be selected. Professional makeup artists will apply makeup to art performers, so the eyelashes used are more exaggerated than every day.
false eyelashes
Use the eyelashes to match the curvature and length of the eye to trim the trailing ends of the fake eyelashes. Apply a proper amount of eyelash glue to the root of the false eyelashes and let it stand for 20 seconds. When the viscosity is maximized, follow the eyelashes at the root of the eye, and then gently press the head, middle, and tail. When the eyelash glue is not dry, use a small tweezers. Adjust the eye shape and position again. Use the eyelash curler to gently clip the true and false eyelashes together. The attention is not too big. Then use the eyelash brush to rub the eyelashes and use the eyeliner to adjust the full eye shape.