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The Combination of Eyelash Extension and Glue

What is the texture of eyelash extension

The false eyelashes on the market are mainly divided into domestic fibers and foreign fibers

The domestic fiber in the process, technology, and R & D, there is still a big gap with foreign countries, so the semi-finished product is basically just getting the product out.

How should customers identify and choose

A very simple way is to go to the beauty of the more professional stores or large chain institutions, let the professionals to do the work, and choose the best products on the market for customers, the customers only need to go to store to consume and enjoy the process.

Some basic knowledge of eyelash glue

Currently, the glue used for eyelash extensions is divided into two types: import and domestic.

The main components of the glue are cyanoacrylate, polymethyl methacrylate, polyisocyanate and pigment.

And the chemical composition of the glue, which has a particular effect on a particular population, this explains why some people are allergic to the same type of glue, which is also caused by different body mass and different reactions to different types of glue.

Most eyelash extension glue should be fast dry and soft.