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False eyelashes are always bad? Teach you seven tips to help you become beautiful

In today's society that loves beauty, most female friends should know how to make up, how to make themselves look good, there is a very important link in makeup, this part is eye makeup, eye makeup is also indispensable Eyelashes, now false eyelashes are a must-have for our daily makeup. False eyelashes can be said to be a styling tool that can make people's eyes become spiritual and attractive, but there are still many people in it. When using makeup, I refuse to use false eyelashes. It is understood that because they always get the glue when they put fake eyelashes, there is always the glue that always likes to stick to their faces. Today we will say Say how to help you solve these problems, teach you seven tips, you can perfectly control false eyelashes.

The first point is to trim the false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are placed on the hand and feel it is short, but when you put it on the eyes, it will feel very long. The average false eyelashes will be five millimeters or ten millimeters in length. Between the two, the human eyelashes are shorter on both sides and the longest in the middle. If you want to stick fake eyelashes naturally, you can consider trimming your false eyelashes. The length of the eyelashes should not be too long. It should be compared with your eye type. If it is too long, you can take it. Cut the small scissors. Be sure to pay attention to the curvature of the eyelashes when you cut it. You must keep the original curvature. Otherwise, the eyelashes will look fake. When you trim the width, don't just cut the part of the head.

false eyelashes
The second point is to absorb oil. If your skin is oily skin, then the following trick will be useful to you. The oil will make your false eyelashes not firm, and there will be minor problems when you wear them. You should use some blotting paper to clean the oil around your eyes before using false eyelashes. You can also apply a layer of clear powder around your eyes. If you want to reuse false eyelashes, it is best not to use oily makeup remover when you remove makeup, which may affect your second use.

The third point is that you can wait for ten seconds when you put your eyelashes because good things are worth waiting for. If you choose to wait for ten seconds, the final result is completely different. If you just apply the glue and you are eager to put on the false eyelashes, it will affect the stability of the eyelashes. The false eyelashes will definitely run around and will not be completely in its original position.

The fourth point is that when we put on the eyelashes, we must remember to look down. When we put our eyelashes on a daily basis, most girls will face the mirror to stick the eyelashes. This method is not correct. Don’t feel the move away from the mirror. The more you see it, the more clearly it is. This is not the case. You can choose to put the mirror under your face so that you can clearly see the best position of the eyelashes.

false eyelashes
The fifth point is to stick from the beginning of the eye. You must first find the position of the eye, then point the end of the eyelash to the position of your eye, stick the eye, and stick the middle part, in this whole At the stage of the stay, you can also make the eyelash glue play an optimal role. In the end, you only need to stick the end of the eye. When you gently press it with your hand, you will find that the false eyelashes are very stable.

The sixth point can be used to fill the gap with concealer. When you use false eyelashes, you often find that there are many gaps between the real eyelashes and the false eyelashes, which makes the friends who use false eyelashes very distressed. If you have this problem, you don't need to use the eyelashes to tear it down. The eye shadow can actually solve this problem. You only need to apply the eye shadow to the gap of the eyelashes, so that no trace will be left. It also allows the eyelash glue to fuse quickly.

The seventh point is the final shaping of the eyelashes. After you have posted your false eyelashes, you can put the false eyelashes and other eyelash glues on them when you are completely dry. Remember to not lift the eyelashes too high. It will make the false eyelashes and your true eyelashes separate. Can't lift too high and can't press too low. If you press low, it will make your eyes smaller. You can probably hold it for thirty seconds, so you can control the height of the eyelashes.

false eyelashes
If you want an eyelash that is not only curled but also long, you can achieve your desired effect by sticking your eyelashes. Seven points mentioned above, I hope I can help you. The most important thing when attaching eyelashes is that you must not be anxious and have patience. Because good things are worth waiting for.