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False eyelashes beautify the eyes to make people look better

The human eye should look good, and the eyelashes should be thick enough and curled. Good-looking people have good eyelashes, and long, curled eyelashes are what most people are looking for. Eyelashes not only protect the eyes but also modify them. If you want the eyelashes to look better, then choose the false eyelashes to paste, which can make the beautification effect good. How to attach false eyelashes? What should I pay attention to?

false eyelashes

Usually, makeup should be attached with false eyelashes, not to mention some stage performers put on makeup on the stage. False eyelashes are made of various specifications and are applied to the eyelashes. If the eyelashes are too thick or too long, it is not good. It is mainly because the overall effect is good after the paste is applied. If the effect is not satisfactory, the false eyelashes are not sticky. Sticking false eyelashes can actually be learned according to the video tutorial. When people learn basic makeup, they should also know how to apply fake eyelashes. Follow the tutorial to master the correct technique, carefully apply the eyelash glue, and fit the eyelashes naturally. it is good. When paying false eyelashes, pay attention to sticking to your own real eyelashes. Be careful of the use of strength. Don't break your true eyelashes. Use tools to adjust.

false eyelashes

Do not apply too much glue on the eyelashes. You can stick the false eyelashes on the top of the real eyelashes. There should be false eyelashes between the true eyelashes. Do not over-press the true eyelashes. Adjust the position of the false eyelashes in time before the glue is dry. Do not shift the surface. Adjust the mirror to make the eyelashes of both eyes fit. The retention period of grafting eyelashes is very long. Now the grafting technology is also very mature. It can be grafted to a professional grafting eyelash mechanism, and it is more reliable to find qualified institutions. Whether you put your own false eyelashes or find your own body to apply, the focus is on the attached eyelashes to look good, can really modify the eyes.