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False eyelashes give you a false eyelash

What if the eyelashes are short and not thick enough? Such eye problems have been plaguing many beauty lovers. With the development of science and technology, eyelash fashion has become popular. Eyelash grafting technology came into being. This technology is to graft artificial eyelashes on your original eyelashes to achieve what you want. Length, density, and curvature create a pair of big eyes that are fascinating.

false eyelash
As more and more people around the world talk about eyelash grafting techniques and try to graft eyelashes, you must know which material is good for grafting eyelashes? By comparing different types of afalse eyelash, it is not difficult to find that the eyelashes are slightly better than synthetic eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes in all respects. Synthetic eyelashes are relatively hard due to material reasons, good bending and shaping effects, low prices, and diverse colors. Protein fiber eyelashes are closer to natural eyelashes. Softness is its main feature. The curvature and grafting effect are relatively natural, and the color of the style is relatively small. The mane is close to real hair, soft and natural, and the bristles made of bristles can not only make the lashes look thick and long, but also the wearer generally reflects that it is comfortable and soft, and does not harm the skin around the eyes.
false eyelash
The false eyelash made of bristles is close to the texture of the human eyelashes because of their softness. The grafting effect is natural and does not harm the eyes. It is highly praised by eyelash fashionists. However, there are also some imitation bristles on the market. Therefore, if you use bristles and false eyelashes when you are grafting eyelashes, you must pay special attention to distinguish the materials. Please remember that the false lashes are soft, natural and shiny. There is a burning smell of hair.