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False eyelashes require some tips

At present, many girls are pursuing fashion. Because of the current era, many girls want to dress up brightly because they can better radiate their charm. At present, many girls are Refined and dressed up. Many girls will choose a cosmetic that suits them. Cosmetics are now very common for girls. At present, many girls want to better choose some cosmetics that are suitable for them to make their own makeup. It is also possible to do makeup better. Of course, there are currently many girls who do not choose a suitable cosmetic, but don’t worry too much now, there are better ways to choose a cosmetic that suits them. If you do not choose the cosmetics that are suitable for you, the consequences are very serious, so you will not show your better makeup. Only some of the better or more suitable cosmetics can do better makeup. In this way, it is very helpful for your skin and makeup, so that you can better decorate your makeup. I believe that every girl pays more attention to her own eye makeup. Eye makeup is very important now. As long as some makeup on the eyes is good, the whole makeup looks very spiritual. So now many people will choose false eyelashes to decorate their eyes. This will also be very helpful for their eyes and can better radiate their eye charm. But at present, many girls do not know enough about false eyelashes. And if you use false eyelashes now, you need to have some tips of your own.

false eyelashes

False eyelashes are now a kind of cosmetics commonly used by girls. False eyelashes can also help girls better make up their eyes and make them more attractive. So there are more and more girls using false eyelashes. I believe that every girl wants to make herself more beautiful. Of course, many girls now choose some false eyelashes that are suitable for them. It can also better show your eye makeup. I believe that everyone has their own tips when using false eyelashes, but no matter what method is used to use false eyelashes, they need to be used in accordance with normal methods. Your eyelashes become more beautiful, otherwise the effect will not be too good.

false eyelashes

The first thing to say is a correct way of trimming-now everyone knows that false eyelashes are "too short in hands and long in eyes", and the middle of human eyelashes is relatively long The two sides are slightly shorter, and the general length ranges from 5 mm to 10 mm. If you want the false eyelashes to look more natural, then the length should not be too exaggerated, and the width also needs to fit your own eye shape. If the length and width of the false eyelashes are really suitable, if it is too long, you need to use small scissors to subtract some. Remember to keep the original radian when trimming the length, otherwise it is a one-size-fits-all eyelash, which looks very fake; when trimming the width of the eyelashes, then you must also cut the eyes and the eyes too long. Part, don't just cut off the extra part of one end.

Then I want to say that oil absorption-oil now makes it difficult to fix false eyelashes. If you have oily skin, there may be some problems when you wear it. Before wearing false eyelashes, first clean up some oil on the eyelids by hand, or sweep a layer of transparent loose powder on your upper eyelid. Tip: If you want to use false eyelashes in cycles, then it is best not to use oily makeup removers when remembering makeup, to avoid affecting the second use.

false eyelashes

Dozens of seconds-When we are more anxious to apply false eyelashes, we should tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for. Waiting for ten seconds can make the glue sticky and make the final result very different. If you just apply the glue and hurry to apply false eyelashes, false eyelashes will also run around, you cannot fix it where you want to stay.

Looking down-most of the people who are used to some false eyelashes will use their noses to face the mirror, thinking that the closer they are to the mirror, the clearer they will be, right? Actually this is not right! Put the mirror under the face It is a more correct choice. This is also the best field of vision to see the eyelashes, and then it can be aligned and attached. Isn't it easy? Let's go back and try it.