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Flare Cluster Lashes VS Individual Mink Lashes – Which is Your Love

Eyelashes are a beauty enhancer. The longer the eyelashes the more beautiful your eyes appear. To choose the individual mink lashes, or to pick the flare cluster eyelash extesnsions, there are so many factors to consider. They are both designed with different curl, thickness and length as well as by utilizing the premium synthetic PBT fiber or 100% real mink hair. Girls can easily impress others from their charming big eyes makeup that looks so natural like makeup free as well. Even though black is the most of people opt for, normal synthetic lash extensions like individual mink lashes or flare cluster lash extension, they are all available in more optional colors to satisfy more needs of fashion icons.

For individual mink lashes as well as silk individual lashes, they are applied one single lash to the middle of one single natural lash to create a perfect look for women. By the seasoned technicians, they can also use multi lashes to each single lash to create a more dramatic look. The whole process usually takes 1-2 hours according to the styles you choose. Normally, individual mink lash extensions can be only applied by qualified technician. We recommend the strong lashes glues since it can help the lash extensions to stay longer of up to 8 weeks by regular maintenance as our ripe eyelashes will fall off naturally. While, there is also hypoallergenic lash glues for sensitive skins, and in this case with gently lash glue, the lashes can last 2 weeks-3 weeks averagely.


While for the flare clusters, its multi type in 2-20 lashes per bunch made by the extra lightweight material which won't weight down your natural eyelashes. You can apply it by yourself (which is a more convenient and affordable way) or by the professional technicians. For both options, it can be finished in as fast as 45 minutes. The flare lashes can easily create a voluminous appearance due to its features. A weak lash glue is good for the flare clusters since they are applied at the bottom of your eyelashes. Therefore the lashes can be kept shorter than eyelash extensions.


Both individual mink lashes and flare clusters have drawbacks and advantages, make the choice according to your actual demand.