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Flare Clusters VS Individual Lashes

Lash Extensions are very popular among brides, celebrities, and most women who pursue beauty. There are different techniques to apply the lash extensions. For a more natural look, individual extensions (applied one by one) to each lash can be custom-tailored to your needs. You can choose the thickness, curl, lengths, color and eye design. Most people usually opt for black. The thickness you choose depends on how thick your natural lashes are. Therefore if you have very fine lashes, then using the thinner extensions would be advised. For most people with regular healthy lashes, the lash stylist will tend to mix the thicknesses to create a natural look.

Lash extensions are generally safe for most people. The extensions are applied 1mm away from your eyelid, never touching skin. Medical grade glue is used that is safe for majority of people.  Single Lash Extensions take usually 1.5 to 2 hours to apply, since you need to attach an extension to every single lash on your eyelid. The client is lying on a comfortable massage bed and enjoying a nice eye treatment at the same time.


So what is the difference with flare clusters? Flare clusters are applied in individual lash bunches. They are more dramatic looking and requires less time to apply–typically 40-45mins. You do not need to be reclined on a massage bed, you can simply sit comfortably in a chair for this procedure. Refills are not applicable, as this is more for a one-time special occasion like wedding, party, etc. Flare clusters last approximately 2-3 weeks long. Mascara and curlers are not required as the clusters are dramatic enough without it. Clients can get a new set done once all the lash clusters have shed.

Eyes are the window to your soul. Longer fuller lashes does give the look of younger, brighter, bigger eyes, and it is recommended for clients to get lash extensions done by professionals who have been properly trained.