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Good false lashes is really important to us

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. As people become more and more beautiful, they pay more attention to beauty. In addition to having a pair of big eyes flashing, the thickly curved eyelashes will add a lot to the overall beauty of the individual. The eyelashes are arranged in a semi-curve shape, which sets off the contours of the eyes, but some woman's natural eyelashes are not dense. In order to meet the beauty needs of women, false lashes are applied.

false lashes

False lashes are a kind of beauty tool, which is the beautification of the eyes, which makes people beautiful and moving. It has a wide variety of eyelashes, which are divided into different types according to the work, use, and style. There are hand lashes, semi-hand lashes, mechanism lashes, artificial eyelashes, daily eyelashes and so on. In the choice of eyelash color, our Asian women are more suitable for dark brown or black, which makes the eyelashes look more natural and unobtrusive. In addition to looking at the style, the stem is also very important. The stalk is soft and does not stick to the eyelids when it is fitted. And because it is slender and easy to break, it can't be hard pulled. When it is removed, the action should be taken. The used eyelashes can be completely reused after the eyelashes are completely removed. So how do you use it? Mainly follow the principle of not distinguishing true and false from your own true eyelashes. First, clip your eyelashes to a certain degree of curvature. After comparing with the length of the eyes, after trimming and brushing the eyelash glue, fix the middle of the eyelashes first. On the eyelids, adjust the head and tail. Don't underestimate this simple step, but it's not so easy in practice. Beginners don't stick it on the lower eyelids, it's unnatural. The use of the process has produced a number of incidental products, such as special eyelash tweezers, eyelash glue, eyelash brush, mascara, eyeliner, eyelash aids and so on.

false lashes

The quality of false lashes is important in the beauty process, and it can meet the needs of women who love beauty.