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Grafting eyelashes create a natural, thick lash effect

For the beauty of the eyelashes that are not too thick and dense, it is perfect to have thick and long eyelashes, and the problem of loving beauty can be easily solved by grafting eyelash extensions. The eyes look big and fascinating. Today, take everyone to understand eyelash grafting technology.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions, as the name implies, graft artificial eyelashes on their original eyelashes to achieve the length, density and curvature you want. Grafted eyelashes can be divided into synthetic eyelashes, protein fiber eyelashes and bristles. Synthetic eyelashes are relatively hard due to material reasons, but the bending and setting effects are very good, the price is cheap, and the styles are various. Protein fiber eyelashes are closer to natural eyelashes. Softness is its main feature. The curvature and grafting effect are relatively natural, and the color of the style is relatively small. The mane is close to the real hair, and it is comfortable after being soft and natural and shiny. In order to achieve a natural thickening effect after the eyelashes are grafted, in addition to the material of the eyelashes, the length, the curved shape, the gloss and the thickness are all factors to be considered. The best eyelash length should be 9mm-13mm, and the thickness is mainly 0.1mm, 0.15mm and 0.2mm.

Eyelash extensions

For those who have habitual blinking eyes, you need to pay special attention after grafting the eyelashes. You can't use your eyelashes to avoid eyelashes when you rub your eyes, so that the grafted eyelashes will fall. Eyelash grafting technology is more suitable for those who want to have big eyes and are fascinating and not very make-up. They are usually busy office workers, prefer natural eyelashes without eyelashes, and the eyelashes after grafting can usually last for one and a half months to two months. about.