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How can fashion life lack the embellishment of silk eyelashes?

In the eyes of doctors, eyelashes are only a natural barrier to the eyes, and in the eyes of a fashion-conscious person, a pair of long and thick eyelashes is a feminine charm. Then what should be done without natural thick eyelashes, false eyelashes will bring a different kind of beautiful experience for the beauty of women. As a kind of beauty tool, false eyelashes have a wide variety of eyelashes. According to work, use, materials, and styles, eyelashes can be divided into different types. According to the type of materials, silk eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, animal hair can be divided. Eyelashes, etc.

The history of false eyelashes can be described as a long history. It can be traced back to the 19th century. In Paris, France, people can sew natural hair into the eyelids without any anesthesia to achieve the effect of increasing the density of the eyelashes. Later, it gradually developed to apply hair to the eyelids by sticking the hair on the silk and gauze. The earliest silk eyelashes were born. However, with the change of the times and the continuous development of science and technology, the current silk eyelashes are still made of silk as raw materials, but they are no longer as rough as the 19th century in terms of production process and materials. This kind of false eyelashes is a pure natural high-grade silk protein extracted from silk. It is made into silky luster by smelting and other processes. Due to its special material, the eyelashes can be made into natural eyelashes and stick to the eyes. There will be no obvious traces, and this eyelash has the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which can bring the user a comfortable, allergy-free, soft and skin-friendly experience. In addition, the style is generous, the style is novel and fashionable, and it is safely kept. The features that can be used multiple times are highly sought after by the majority of women who love beauty.
According to incomplete statistics, silk eyelashes, as a type of false eyelashes, have become the best-selling false eyelashes in the fashion beauty industry.