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How can I control the maintenance of eyelash extensions?

At present, the eyelash extensions market is relatively popular, generally imported from South Korea and Japan, but these false eyelash products have almost no production approval number, product composition, and manufacturer's telephone address, except for the name. In fact, these products are produced by small businesses in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangzhou. They are mainly processed directly from pig hair, dog hair and rabbit hair, some of which are made of chemicals.

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Whether made of animal hair or chemical fiber, unsterilized hands and tools can cause secondary contamination during processing, especially when planting eyelash extensions, causing skin and eye irritation. Causes eye irritation, redness and other symptoms. Secondly, the safety of the glue used to apply the eyelashes is also very important. It is understood that eyelashes should use cosmetic glue, but some informal beauty salons use unknown glue or even 502 glue. These glues can cause a certain degree of irritation to the eyes and cannot be used for a long time. Eyes will be red and swollen, and it is best not to transplant eyelashes during pregnancy.

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Therefore, the sale of unknown artificial eyelash extensions in the market must not be used indiscriminately. These animal hair and chemical fiber products are extremely harmful to the eyes, and consumers should be extra careful when selecting products and services. The first is to look at the quality of the product, and the qualified product must be selected in the ophthalmic product. Second, it depends on the technology, because in the ophthalmic surgery, the beautician's technology must be strong, the operation should be standardized, so as not to hurt the eyes; Choose a beauty institution with good reputation and good sanitary conditions, otherwise the consequences will be serious.