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How can I know if I am suitable for grafting eyelashes?

The most attractive part of a woman's face should be the eyes, as long as your eyes look very natural, not only big but also god, so you can attract more people, but some female friends' eyes are It's not a special ideal, the eyes are very small. At this time, you can choose to use false eyelashes or graft eyelashes. False eyelashes are used to decorate your own research. It can make female friends' eyes full of light, glamorous and more beautiful. Vivid, some friends choose to graft eyelashes for convenience, eyelash extensions is really very convenient, and most of the time for the makeup every day, grafting eyelashes is a good choice, but some people do not know if they are suitable for grafting eyelashes, then Today, let's talk about the grafting eyelashes and the eyelashes that are suitable for grafting.

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In the current society, there are no people who don't love beauty, and they want their eyelashes to become not only curled but also long and dense. Some would like to graft an eyelash, but they don't know what kind of eyelashes to graft and don't know what to pay attention to. The first thing we need to know is that we don't have the knowledge in this area. We have to listen to the advice of the beauty eyelashes. You can choose a more suitable eyelash from your personal preference and the sparse eyelashes. There is also a professional eyelash artist who is looking for a professional. This is a very important issue. For example, the beauty eyelashes for you to graft the eyelashes are not particularly trained and trained, which is particularly bad and can not give you a particularly good advice. Grafting eyelashes should not only look at its good looks, but also pay attention to whether it is convenient for future life. After all, the eyes are sensitive parts, so be sure to pay attention.

After comparing the eyelashes to you, after your eyelash extensions, your eyes will look more natural, and you will sleep when you are sleeping. You will not feel discomfort when you wash your face. You can also make your charm without using mascara after grafting your eyelashes. Full. Of course, after we finish doing it, we still need to carry out the later maintenance. For example, when you wash your face, try not to rub your eyes hard. You can wash it gently with water. The oily cosmetics used should not be painted. Go to the top of the eyelashes, please be gentle on your eyelashes. Do not forcefully tear the eyelashes after your grafting, which will also hurt your own eyelashes. In addition to these, some female friends do not know what kind of eyelash material to choose, each eyelash has its own advantages and disadvantages, then let's talk to female friends about the good or bad eyelash material.

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From the classification of the material, you can see the difference between the eyelashes and what kind of eyelashes you want to graft. First of all, let's talk about synthetic eyelashes. The advantage of this kind of eyelashes is that the price is relatively cheap, and the styles are also many. There are many colors for us to choose. The disadvantage of artificial eyelashes is that the material is very hard. It's heavy, it's very easy to crush your eyelashes. The advantage of silk fiber eyelashes is that the lightest of their eyelashes does not crush your eyelashes and its shape and curling can be kept special. The disadvantage is that there are fewer styles. The advantage of the bristles is very close to the real hair, which makes people look natural. The lashes are very soft and have a strong luster. The disadvantage is that they are similar to real hair. If you encounter water, eyelashes The curling degree is very easy to drop, and there is no thickness to choose from. The advantage of natural hair is that it will be very soft and natural under your care. The disadvantage is that many natural eyelashes are fake, almost no genuine, and this material is not suitable for grafting eyelashes. The advantages of air bristles are thick and dense, very light, and the hair is soft and comfortable. There are no shortcomings in this type of eyelashes. It may not be a disadvantage for girls who may not like thick girls.

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In selecting the eyelashes, the length of the main eyelashes, the curling degree, the gloss, and the thickness of the eyelashes are also required. It is best to choose eyelashes from 9mm to 13mm when choosing the length, which can be designed to fit the length of natural eyelashes. If your eyelashes are excessively curled in curling, the life of the eyelashes will be greatly reduced. It is difficult to maintain the durability of the eyelashes. It does not look natural enough and feels a bit exaggerated. It is best to choose semi-plating when choosing gloss. The thickness is more suitable for normal use is 0.1 mm, the more commonly used is 0.12 mm, if you want to be very high-profile, you can choose 0.15 mm.

In fact, most people can graft eyelashes, but the choice of eyelash material or the understanding of grafting eyelashes, so when grafting eyelashes must pay attention to their choice of eyelashes.