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How can I make my lashes longer? What are the skills?

As everyone knows, lashes can beautify their little faces, but many people have short eyelashes. What should I do? What are the skills?

The first is to apply aloe vera juice. Many people know that aloe vera juice can be used for beauty. Like our aloe vera juice at night, everyone knows that aloe vera gel can increase the length of eyelashes at the eyelashes, but there is a serious disadvantage. Causes eye bags to be swollen, and it is not recommended to use them without going out. You can use some fresh aloe vera liquid on the cotton swab and then apply it on the root of the eyelashes. It is recommended to apply once every other day. In the future, if the eyelashes are long, they will not be coated.


The second technique is to apply vitamin E or B. It is to get the liquid of vitamin E or B onto the cotton swab and then apply it to the root of the lashes. It is recommended to apply it once every other day. Of course, the effect is also very good. It can also be coated with cod liver oil. The effect is to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. It can also be applied to tea because the tea polyphenols in the tea have the effect of making the eyelashes longer. The tea is moist, if too much is applied. What to do, in fact, too much to apply too much, tea into the eyes is also fine, the opposite effect is to increase eyelashes, improve the beautification.


At the same time, you can also use eyelash growth liquid, petroleum jelly, olive oil and other techniques to help your lashes grow longer. I want to tell you that olive oil is not the olive oil used in cooking at home, and it is not edible. This olive oil is suitable for the skin. Can stimulate the rapid growth of eyelashes.

The above is the technique that brings you to make your eyelashes longer. I hope to help you.