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How do double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes work together

At present, there are many girls who like to be pretty and want to make themselves more perfect. Girls can choose cosmetics to decorate their makeup. Better to make up the makeup. At present, many girls need to pay more attention when choosing cosmetics, because there are so many cosmetics on the market. When choosing, they should choose the one that suits them, so that they can do it better. At present, there are many ways to modify the false eyelashes. No matter how you use cosmetics, you need to choose cosmetics that are suitable for you. When you use them, you only need to use them in the normal way. In this case, you can better decorate your makeup. The girl who likes makeup is definitely inseparable from the makeup of the eye makeup. At present, there are many ways to modify the makeup of the eye, so that the makeup of the eye makeup can be better done. I believe that girls who like to apply eye makeup all know false eyelashes and double eyelid stickers, but many girls are not sure whether these two eye cosmetics can be used at the same time. In fact, it is possible, but you need to use the normal method to use it so that you can better make the eye decoration, the following will tell you how the double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes can be better used.

false eyelashes

False eyelashes can better decorate the eyes of girls nowadays. At present, there are many girls who can use different false eyelashes to decorate their eyes. There are also many methods used. Nowadays people want to have a big eye and a double eyelid. This will look more beautiful, but when you want big eyes If you also want long eyelashes, you need to be fully prepared.

If you want to change your eyes, the first step is to prepare a double eyelid sticker. Do not ignore the importance of this step, because many people's eye shapes are not the same, so we need to Cut the double eyelids with your own eye shape. If you are not sure, you can try again and again a few times. Finally, you can cut a double eyelids that suits you. false eyelashes, so that achieve the effect you want.

false eyelashes

After the first step is completed, it needs to be emphasized more. Double eyelids are not just the patents of some single eyelid girls. When women reach a certain age, the eyelids will sag and cover their double eyelids. Girls with double eyes can make their eyelids more obvious when using double eyelid stickers. At the same time, some inner double girls will not hide their makeup due to these reasons when they make their own eye makeup so that the beautiful eye makeup that has been painstakingly drawn cannot be better displayed. So for some girls with inner or double eyelids that are not obvious, double eyelid stickers are also very necessary.

Then the second step is to stick the double eyelid stickers. There aren't many tips when sticking to the double eyelids. It is totally necessary to rely on practice to make perfect. It will be more proficient to try a few more times. However, there are a few details that need to be paid more attention to before the double eyelids are glued. You must go to make sure that you have not applied eye makeup, and the eyelids are in a state of no oil and clean. Otherwise, it will affect the double eyelids. Stickiness. When sticking, you need to stick along the natural fold line of your eyes.

false eyelashes

In the third step, you can start applying false eyelashes. First, you need to cut the false eyelashes into sections, and then use eyelash tweezers to stick some spaced parts of the eyelashes to the roots of the eyelashes. Make people's false eyelashes look more natural. You can go. There are many requirements when choosing false eyelashes. It is not recommended to choose some exaggerated false eyelashes. Naturally dense false eyelashes are currently the best choice!

As long as it is normal to use false eyelashes, it can achieve better results. At present, many people can better use false eyelashes and double eyelid stickers, which can also achieve a more perfect effect.