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How do people keep their false eyelashes?

Nowadays, many young girls like to put their favorite fake eyelash in their own cosmetic case. But for fake eyelash, people also have a problem. Although this fake eyelash is very delicate and delicate, they are relatively fragile. When keeping false eyelashes, people must pay attention to some things so that they can not damage the appearance of false eyelashes.

When the fake eyelash is removed from the box, follow the direction of the eyelashes and then gently remove them by hand. When people expose the eyelashes, hold the position of the false eyelashes in the middle of the eyelashes, and then pull them down quickly. Never pull the two or three squats down. This will cause the hair on the false eyelashes to be smashed, destroying the entire fake. The beauty of the eyelashes.

fake eyelash
The false eyelashes that people have used must be completely removed from the adhesive glue left behind, and then cleaned and then placed neatly into the box. In the process of clearing the eyelashes, people should control the strength, and also use the makeup remover to remove the eyelashes. First, gently press the fake eyelash with a cotton pad, then start from the root of the false eyelashes and then to the front end. The whole movement must be light, otherwise, it will destroy the appearance of false eyelashes.
fake eyelash
If people want to increase their own eyeglasses, then when choosing false eyelashes, choose a good quality and lightweight, so that when you stick to the eyelashes, it will be more natural and make the whole person look more spiritual. The quality of false eyelashes is not cheap, so people should take good care of fake eyelash so that they can be recycled many times, which can save a lot of expenses.