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How do you maintain your eyelashes after lash extensions?

As we all know, our own eyelashes have a certain cycle, and everyone is different. Normally in 30-50 days or so, the metabolism will have a new and old replacement, the old eyelashes will fall off and the new eyelashes will grow, and we should pay more attention when we make up eyelashes.

In addition, lash extension is an easy way to make your eyes larger and more powerful. It's closest to being "born this way" in a variety of ways to beautify your eyes, such as sticky eyelashes, mascara and eyeliner. After grafting eyelashes, our most concern should be how to extend the life of false eyelashes, so that let them stay longer, and the slower they fall off, the better. The duration of the inoculation of false eyelashes was related to the thickness and living habits of each person, in generally, the fake eyelash can last about a month, and the time is not the same, but as long as we pay attention to maintenance method, we can extend the life of false eyelash.

1. Considerations

1) no water can be touched in 6 hours after inoculation.
2) don't stay in a wet place long after you have been inoculated. Don't rush your eyelashes directly with your shower head. Don't go to hot springs for three days.
3) wash your face without avoiding your eyes, but after washing the face, it's better to blow the eyelashes with the cold air of the blower.
4) after washing, when the lashes are not fully dry, comb the lashes
5) do not let oily discharge makeup products, eye cream and other makeup and oily products touch eyelashes after lash extensions, otherwise it's easy to fall off and affect the effect.

Give them a little oil

You may think that it's better to keep your lashes dry, but if you want your lashes to be better and more durable, use oil to moisturize them. Use your fingers to rub baby oil or cream on your eyelashes.

Use makeup remover correctly

After grafting eyelashes, we should first ban the use of makeup remover. Because the special eyelash extension glue that holds false eyelash and true eyelash is very afraid of oil, the oil percent of discharge makeup oil is up to 90 %, if we use discharge makeup oil in eye ministry, then it will let false eyelash fall off particularly quick. Of course, if you want to make false eyelashes "laid off" in advance, I don't recommend rubbing your eyelashes with makeup remover. And we still should use special discharge fluid to be completed, and we can achieve completely not harm true eyelash. So, how to remove makeup after lash extensions? We still use a dedicated eye makeup remover, but we should use a cotton swab to replace cotton to remove eye makeup, and try not to touch the junction of true and false eyelashes, don't rub eyelashes, so the false eyelashes will last longer. In order to avoid the use of oily makeup to remove makeup, it is best to use a cotton bar containing makeup products to assist removing eye makeup.

When wiping moisture after washing the face, we should choose a less fibrous towel to gently wipe.

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