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How does false eyelash stick can compare natural

In the process of the human makeup, it is indispensable to apply false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are glued to enhance the eye effect, making the eyes brighter and more attractive. Why are fake eyelashes? Or because people's own eyelashes are not thick and curled, for the overall image, it is necessary to do eye treatment. There are methods and techniques for attaching false eyelashes. How can you make fake eyelashes natural?

 false eyelashes
Choosing the right false eyelashes depends on the material, the model, and the curling degree. The specific choice depends on the makeup needs of the occasion. It is more natural to choose the false eyelashes that are close to the real hair. The soft texture of the eyelashes will not be very hard. It will not be awkward. There are short, medium and long models, thick models and other types of false eyelashes, no matter in any occasion, short false eyelashes are applicable, this is not the same as true eyelashes, there is a natural curling curvature. The medium-length, thick-colored false eyelashes are required for the eye type of the person, and are not suitable for everyone, and are suitable for creating a stage effect. It is very important to attach fake eyelashes to the previous false eyelash selection.
 false eyelashes
When actually applying false eyelashes, prepare tools such as eyelash glue, small tweezers, and small scissors. First, use your eyelash curler to curl and then apply mascara. Cut false eyelash into a few paragraph again, clip small paragraph false eyelash with small tweezers, dip in the glue of right amount, begin from eye end stick up, put false eyelash gently in the root of true eyelash, from eye end to eye head again each place stickup is finished, after the eyelash glue is dry, it is very natural to use the eyelash curler to closely fit the true and false eyelashes. Pay attention to the operation of the false eyelashes, the amount of eyelash glue should be appropriate, do not penetrate into the eyes, relax when operating, do not be too nervous.