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How long can I touch water after grafting eyelashes

I believe that everyone likes beauty, and I believe that every girl understands the content of the beauty part. According to many girls, they want to better put on better makeup for themselves. There are many ways to make your own makeup. There are a lot of cosmetics on the market. At present, many kinds of cosmetics can be selected in many ways. At present, you need to choose cosmetics that suit you to make better makeup. There are also many types of cosmetics on the market, according to many girls they will choose. Therefore, it can be used in many ways. There are many girls who can think about it in many ways because many girls will find some cosmetics that are suitable for them. Now, no matter when you choose cosmetics, you need to pay attention to them, and you also need to use them. Note that because there are many steps in the use of cosmetics, many girls are aware of the steps in makeup, but there are still some girls who do not know enough about the steps in using cosmetics. There are a lot of questions about the current types of cosmetics. You can choose to use false eyelashes to decorate your eyes. At present, everyone needs to know about false eyelashes. It can better beautify people's eyes. It is also an important eye makeup tool. There are a lot of techniques in the current false eyelashes. I believe that the girls who love the eyelashes are familiar with the current grafting of eyelashes. Everyone also prefers the grafting of eyelashes, but some steps or precautions about eyelash extensions need more attention. It is necessary to understand, let's talk about how long it takes to touch water after grafting eyelashes.

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At present, the main function of false eyelashes is to beautify people's eyes. Then grafting eyelashes can be said to be better to beautify our eyes. The effect is better than sticking. It also looks more natural, but At present, there are many considerations for eyelash extensions. Everyone will choose a good grafting method for grafting so that the false eyelashes grafted out will have better results. Of course, there are also many girls who choose to graft. Eyelashes to help you complete the effect of beautiful eyelashes.

At present, many girls have a question: How long can I touch water after grafting the eyelashes? Grafting eyelashes is mainly a kind of quick-drying glue to better adhere false eyelashes to their own eyelashes. Grafting method, so it is best not to touch the water within 3 to 4 hours after the operation is completed. After 4 hours, the glue is completely dry and you can touch the water at will, but you also need to pay special attention when you wash your face. Otherwise, it is easier to cause the grafted false eyelashes to fall off.

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After eyelash extensions, can I wash my face in a better way? The first step is to take the right amount of cleanser-take the right amount of cleansing mousse or cleanser to your palm. The grafted eyelashes are mainly glued, so it is better to choose a mild cleansing milk as much as possible so that it can better avoid dissolving the glue and then cause the eyelashes to fall.

Step 2: Wash your face-After rubbing the cleansing foam out of the foam, apply the foam evenly on your face and use massage to clean your face. However, the intensity of washing your face must be gentle. Do not rub your face too hard, especially around your eyes. You can use it to clean your eyes. Use a wet towel to press gently. Try to avoid rubbing. To your eyelashes. If you cant determine your strength using a towel, you can choose to use a cotton swab or a makeup remover to get the right amount of warm water. After wringing it, gently wipe around your eyes.

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Step 3: Wash off the facial cleanser-It is still not recommended to use warm water and splash water to remove the cleaning products on your face. You can use a sponge to gently wipe around your eyes. Do not use strong water or touch your eyelashes with your hands.

Step 4: Wipe off the water-after using a sponge or a cleansing cloth or facial tissue to wipe off the excess water on your face. The eyes are dried by pressing. Do not use rubbing. The rubbing method is too violent. You must choose a gentle method for this fragile skin around the eyes, and it can also prevent grafting. Falling eyelashes.

Step 5: Apply some daily skincare products-After washing your face, you can wipe the skincare products in your daily routine. At that time, it was important to keep in mind that oily skincare products and eye creams needed to avoid the roots of the eyelashes, which could better avoid dissolving the glue in grafting and bonding, which would cause the grafted false eyelashes to fall.