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How long can I wash my face after grafting eyelashes

Many girls now prefer to dress themselves up and make their makeup more beautiful. It has also become a girl's dream, but it can be better achieved now because the society is very developed now. There are many ways to do better makeup, so there are many ways to dress up yourself, but now many girls do n’t know how to better dress up, or Now I do n’t know how to choose a better cosmetic to use. Actually, I can choose better now. Although the market for cosmetics is very large now, it is better to choose a better one to use. At present, I believe that beauty-loving girls should not be embarrassed by their choice of cosmetics. At present, many girls are not likely to use cosmetics when they use cosmetics, but many girls can now do it. For various uses, as long as you choose a better cosmetic and then apply makeup in accordance with normal procedures, you can better show the effect now, although many girls can be better now Go for makeup. At present, some makeup on the eyes is very important. I believe that many girls will choose false eyelashes to use them. There are many techniques for beautiful eyelashes. I believe that many girls have heard about eyelash extensions. Yes, so many people still do n’t know some small details after grafting eyelashes. Some people have recently started thinking about how long can they wash their faces after grafting eyelashes?

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How long can I wash my face after grafting my eyelashes? And how do I wash my face after grafting the eyelashes? As the technology of eyelash grafting has become popular, more and more people are not using false eyelashes and mascara. In normal times, the eyeliner can go out without drawing a bottom line, and the eyes are the same. However, it is also very fragile in grafting eyelashes. You need to be careful when washing your face and removing makeup. Otherwise, false eyelashes will fall off.

Because the surgery of eyelash extensions will leave a minimally invasive wound on the eyes, so after the grafting of eyelashes, the eyes need to avoid touching the water within 7 days, so as to avoid touching the raw water. It then becomes inflamed, causing infections in the eyes. Within one month after grafting the eyelashes, you also need to carefully avoid it when washing your face, because the hair follicles to be transplanted also require a three-month growth cycle, so you should pay attention to it now as far as possible to avoid causing The eyelashes grow uneven.

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How to wash your face after eyelash extensions now? First step: Get the right amount of cleanser-then take the right amount of cleansing mousse or cleanser to the palm of your hand. Everyone knows that the grafted eyelashes are bonded with glue, so now I try to choose some mild cleansing milk, so as to avoid the problem of dissolving the glue and causing the eyelashes to fall. The second step: when washing the face-you need to rub the facial cleanser to get some foam, then apply the foam evenly on your face, and use the massage method to clean the face. But you also need to be gentle on the strength of your face. You cannot use too much force to rub your face, especially around the eyes. When you are cleaning your eyes, you can use a wet towel to gently press it. It is also necessary to avoid rubbing to the eyelashes as much as possible. If you are using a towel now, you ca n’t determine your strength. Now you also need to use a cotton swab or makeup remover to soak up the right amount of warm water. After wringing it, gently wipe around the eyes.

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The third step is to wash off the facial cleanser-the suggestion is to use warm water and then splash the water to better remove some cleaning products on the face. You can also use a sponge to gently wipe around the eyes. Do not use strong water or touch the eyelashes with your hands.

Step 4: After washing the face, apply daily care products-so that after cleaning the face, you can also easily wipe the face care products in the daily way. At that time, remember to avoid using oily skin care products and eye creams to avoid the roots of the eyelashes as much as possible, so as to avoid dissolving the glue that has been grafted and glued, which can cause the grafted eyelashes to fall.