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How long can the eyelashes remain after grafting?

False eyelashes are artificial eyelashes that modify the eye. They are usually reattached after being attached and removed. The false eyelashes that are pasted are not kept for a long period of time and need to be posted frequently. If the method of grafting eyelashes is used, the retention period of the eyelashes can be extended, and the effect of the eyelashes to modify the eyes is better. Whether it's sticking or grafting false eyelashes, choosing a bristle eyelash is a good fit.


Eyelash grafting is now being valued by people, which allows many people to achieve long, thick curling eyelashes that they have always dreamed of. Eyelash grafting technology is becoming more mature today, and grafting eyelashes is not difficult. Grafting of eyelashes should be based on individual needs. The quality of the congenital eyelashes is poor, the eyelashes are not thick enough and not curled, and the effect of grafting the eyelashes is very good. For people with good eyelash quality, grafting eyelashes is not suitable, because there are long and thick eyelashes, the effect is not obvious after grafting, so it is not suitable for eyelash grafting. The eyelashes of the mane are close to the human hair. It is more natural to graft the eyelashes. Of course, people need good protection. After all, this eyelash material is as soft as the eyelashes, and the eyelashes are extended to maintain the retention period.


It is not difficult to make eyelash grafting, whether it is a large institution or a small institution, but the effect after grafting is obviously different. It is recommended to graft the eyelashes to choose a regular and qualified institution to reduce the risk of grafting eyelashes, and the eyelash grafting effect can be more satisfying. Although the fees charged by some small institutions are very low, the technical service guarantees provided by the relatives are also poor, and the risk of grafting surgery may be high. The retention period of the mane eyelashes is also short. In short, in order to graft the effect, find a reliable organization to do the grafting.